29 September 2011

To whom it may concern,

I liked you a lot more when you weren’t acting like a high school kid crying for attention. I also miss our conversations that actually had substance instead of the mundane small talk. Change is a constant, so I hope you continue to change but for the better instead of changing into more of a weirdo.

Your Friend,
S. Eichel

P.S. While you were out having fun, I forgot to feed the fish. Sorry, but in all honesty you should have been more responsible than letting a fish/plant killer be in charge.

21 September 2011


Deco via LB for Sanae you can't see the purple glitter but it's there. Sorry about the blurry phone cam pic.

14 September 2011

Dear TK,

I wish I could walk down the hall hearing the sappy music wafting out of your room on my way to the kitchen for whatever it is I was headed to get but forgot on the way.

Your friend,

12 September 2011

Robot Surprise!

My uncle got me a sweet little wind up robot! He lives on my desk at work now, I love it.

11 September 2011

New Stationery!!!

I need a decent sized shoe box for all of this stuff! Is it me or does Rilakkuma remind you of Pedobear?

10 September 2011

Happy stuff from Japan

Kayoko totally brightened my day with all of this, the yummy snacks I don't know the name of were the best. :3