30 December 2011

What?! Hahahaha oh yeah!

I totally bought these and they were pretty tasty. Apparently puto is a type of cookie made in the Philippines. I guess growing up in a Spanish speaking area puto means something else. @_@

27 December 2011

Cute but not so tasty.

The eyes and nose were chocolate chips, the ears were peanuts and the tail was red licorice. It was super adorable but very try and tasteless.

20 December 2011


It nags you to save? Hmm this might come in handy for those who have a hard time setting money aside. Every penny counts!

15 December 2011

I made omurice.

Okay so it looks really plain, I know. But since Joey has some problems eating tough foods and he has been nauseous from pain medication, I made omurice. I have been passing this recipe because I am NOT a fan of eggs with tomato sauces (ketchup and the like). I actually think scrambled eggs and ketchup look disgusting! But I figured this would be filling, easy to chew and also not too tough to digest. I followed the recipe below:

The only thing I did differently was omit the ketchup on top of the omelet which is why it looks so plain. After I started eating it, I decided it needed some heat so I added Cholula to it. So a nice hot sauce works better as a topping than ketchup for my taste buds. I was delightfully surprised at how tasty the chicken rice turned out even though the mixture called for ketchup. I will definitely make this again. Next time I hope to try Cooking With Dog's recipe:

14 December 2011

Secret Santa revealed!

So today we got our final Secret Santa gift AND found out who the person was. I thought I knew when the Secret Santa gifts started coming in when I got a wind up toy, I had a feeling it was Karen. But then the other gifts didn't really seem to give any more hints, I thought it may have been Michele. I should've stuck with my gut instinct, it was Karen! She was very happy to be my Santa as we both are into arts and crafts. I am really excited to put the amazing scrapbook paper to use! The stickers are also amazing.

I failed at taking a picture of the gift I gave to my person. Needless to say Jared was the only guy playing these reindeer games and I got to shop for him. It was so much fun and easy! His final gift was totally a manly snack gift basket. Contents: beer, nuts, cheese, summer sausage, crackers, some chocolate and I even threw in a glass cross candle holder with a scripture written on it and some tea lights. He loved all of it and I am happy that he did.

13 December 2011

Christmas party make up tutorial.

I am half way tempted to go to a Christmas party just so I can look this ridiculous.

09 December 2011

Secret Santa Week 2

This week I got more snacks and my doggies got some fluffy toys to play with too!

05 December 2011

A chola Christmas?

For some reason I can see the neighbors down the way playing this in their house (or bumping it from their car). While sippin’ their forties and smackin’ the bitches. Seriously my neighbors are hoodlums and I wish they would just explode. Merry Christmas to me if they do!

16 November 2011

Curry flavored chicken

I have been watching runnyrunny999's cooking channel on youtube and have been getting awesome ideas for making dinner from his cooking videos. Above I made curry flavored chicken thighs and as the side dish I made saffron rice and green beans. Oh my gosh it was soooo good! I can't take full credit for how amazing my dinner came out. I will have to admit that the video runnyrunny made for Curry flavored chicken wings was my inspiration:

Maybe you can try it out for yourself so you can see how yummy it turns out. I really enjoy his recipes because you can modify pretty much anything to fit your own tastes. I used extra garlic and stuffed the marinade under the chicken skin before frying.

09 November 2011

Curry bread and Tofu curry rice

Here is another dinner inspired by runnyrunny999, tofu curry rice and also curry bread. I really liked the curry bread, it's like the grown up of Uncrustables, for dinner! I think though, for my next go I will modify the curry, I did not like the tomato-ey taste of it. It was delicious and Joey loved it but I think next time I will try tweaking the recipe a bit. I ended up using Texas thick sliced toast for the curry bread but I think maybe in Japan their bread is fluffier. At least looking at the video it appeared to be a bit easier to work with than the toast I used. The toast did make for excellent French Toast!!!

Here is runnyrunny's recipe that I followed:

08 November 2011

Dead Leaves

Movie night with the mister consisted of an odd anime that I randomly chose from Netflix. I will admit that the tiny synopsis given on Netflix and the picture prompted me to watch it. I suggest watching it, I would assume if watched in a theater it would give some people motion sickness. It is so frenetic, I suggest watching it twice to catch what you may have missed the first time. Check it out:

01 November 2011

Halloween 2011

Joey and I carved some pumpkins this Halloween. I hadn't carved a pumpkin in so long and I am really glad I did it again this year. It was so much fun! Joey carved the one at the very top and then I carved the ghost and castle. A few days later I carved the third one for Christina because she loves Michael Myers so much. I think they looked really good at The Swiss. I have a huge pumpkin at my house but I think I will just set it out by the front door for the remainder of the fall holidays.
Joey was a borracho for Halloween, not much different than any other holiday but this time he looked the part.
Angry pouty person? I was going to go for guro lolita but I ran out of time to work on a costume so I bought one last minute in the kid section. I am glad I at least had accessories to go with it.

21 October 2011

So annoying!

Tired of hearing people complain when they are out of work. But when they are employed all they do is bitch about work.

So tired of lazy people not wanting to work AND complaining they have no money. You either work and get paid OR not work and be broke. So shut the hell up already!!!

29 September 2011

To whom it may concern,

I liked you a lot more when you weren’t acting like a high school kid crying for attention. I also miss our conversations that actually had substance instead of the mundane small talk. Change is a constant, so I hope you continue to change but for the better instead of changing into more of a weirdo.

Your Friend,
S. Eichel

P.S. While you were out having fun, I forgot to feed the fish. Sorry, but in all honesty you should have been more responsible than letting a fish/plant killer be in charge.

21 September 2011


Deco via LB for Sanae you can't see the purple glitter but it's there. Sorry about the blurry phone cam pic.

14 September 2011

Dear TK,

I wish I could walk down the hall hearing the sappy music wafting out of your room on my way to the kitchen for whatever it is I was headed to get but forgot on the way.

Your friend,

12 September 2011

Robot Surprise!

My uncle got me a sweet little wind up robot! He lives on my desk at work now, I love it.

11 September 2011

New Stationery!!!

I need a decent sized shoe box for all of this stuff! Is it me or does Rilakkuma remind you of Pedobear?

10 September 2011

Happy stuff from Japan

Kayoko totally brightened my day with all of this, the yummy snacks I don't know the name of were the best. :3

26 August 2011

Movie I missed and need to own.

I had not seen the movie since I was a child and I remember liking the movie very much. I decided to get in on Netflix, I was pretty bummed out when I got the DVD and it had a crack close to the center. Luckily it did not cause problems with the playback of the movie. But it did make me realize that I should own Starman. I like it more so now than I did as a child. If you have not seen it give it a try.

25 August 2011

Movie Suggestion of the Week

We Are The Strange

This movie according to IMDB sounds almost boring:
Two outcasts fight for survival in a sinister fantasy world. Their lives are constantly in jeopardy after they’re caught in the middle of a deadly battle between bizarre monsters on their way to the ice cream shop.

The movie boasts an 8-bit sound track, some of the animation is done in Mario Paint and even a Japanese style mecha-fight! The subtitle selection for this movie also includes L337 and Nadsat. If you are a video game/anime fan you will like the little homages to old school shit like Ninja Scroll and Moon Patrol.

For you adventurous and open-minded, take the time to see the movie. Take a gander at the trailer for it:

15 July 2011

Mochi crust pizza

This is a crappy picture of the mochi crust pizza I made last night for dinner.

The one on the left has extra pepperoni and cheese. The one on the right has extra olives, I served these with a side of avocado. All in all these were delicious and very very filling. Both Joey and I were only able to eat half of our pizzas. I will be making this again in the near future, it’s so yummy!

I got my recipe from watching this:

I have yet to find another mochi pizza recipe but I would be willing to try an alternate recipe, however this one has worked out just fine for me.

28 June 2011

I am not un-American

I just think that if you want to have your house look a certain way, including the exterior decorations you should not move into a neighborhood with such stiff rules.

22 June 2011


Caller: Hi, I was trying to get in touch with a computer technician.

Me: I am a computer technician.

Caller: Oh… (long pause) um, sorry.


Argh!!!! I am sorry I get retards on the phone that are less than happy to have a woman tech help them. I think I am going to keep a tally sheet for one month of how many times this scenario happens.

19 June 2011

I got married.

I suppose I will eventually dig up pictures and post them but here is one for you now. Now the mister and I can share our birthday and anniversary all on the same day. So convenient!

I think about 20 minutes or so after the "I do's" we both quickly hopped into jeans and t-shirts. What can I say we are creatures of habit AND comfort. I did really like the dress and the shoes though. And this will probably one of the handful of times I will see Joey in a tie. Hmmm.... July of 2012 will be the next time. Our friends will be married and we will be in their wedding.

10 June 2011

Awesome afternoon with awesome company.

What more could I ask for?

Originally the plan was to hang out with my sister after work and do some shopping. Well, like most of our plans go we tend to modify our plans at the drop of a hat. SO before our adventure even started I was told we would be going to Laetitia Winery to meet up with a long time friend of mine and some of her friends from out of town. The drive was nice, traffic was not bad and the sun was not yet in my eyes. The afternoon was perfect for some wine, cheese and a little Bocce ball.

26 May 2011

Time to make some food!

In honor of the Thirsty Thursday's of old, I will be making egg rolls. I have since lost the recipe that was handed down to me by a fellow employee. Thanks Shirley, I am sorry I had to find a new recipe. So this will be the modified recipe I will be using... I didn't type up all the steps cause I have made these before but if you have any questions, my ask box is always open. Even to anons ;)

25 May 2011

Dear Work,

I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I think you suck runny asshole. Anytime a computer is not working and we are not available at the drop of a hat you get upset. If the network is down and not back up in two minutes the whole tech department is to blame even though WE as a department have no control over the Comcast circuits OR power outages. I understand you all think we are some kind of computer wizards and with the flick of the wrist, wave of a wand or magic fairy dust we have the power to fix all. I think it is cute that you are so naive.

What I find very unfair is how our department is left out of everything. For example today, one of the high schools choirs came to sing and strut their stuff. Was there an invite to the techs? Did anyone peek their head in the office to see if we wanted to also hear the kiddos sing? NO! Of course not, it's not like we should be working or anything right??? Seriously payroll closes today and out the office window, who do I see standing out there gawking at singing high schoolers? The pay roll department. It is quite common that our tiny office of about 4 to 6 people is conveniently nothing more than an after thought for anything that goes on at work. It's frustrating! As a person with feelings it makes me feel like the odd man out during a dodge ball game that no one bothered to invite me to but I can see out my window. :(

No one tells us when the tamale lady is here. No one lets us know when the strawberry guy is here. No one bothers us when one of our schools is here to perform for the district office. To be honest the tech department, for as much as people NEED us, is nothing more than the red headed step child of the district office. No one interacts with us (no we are not all 500 lb, socially inept men who smell of Doritos and live in moms basement). We have feelings too and it's sad when a whole department is left out of the functions that the rest of the building is engaging in. Jerks!


Super Frustrated SusieTron 5000

P.S. I hope all of your computers break while I am out to lunch!

24 May 2011

Thanks Obi!

I needed to bring something to share today. And I share this!

Cinder block between books! Yes! Except about a month ago an old dude wearing a towel wielding a cinder block was shot and killed by 2 members of the sheriffs office. I wonder if he got to read this little activity book and that is where he got the idea from?

23 May 2011

The roller rink is still open for business?!

Super fro hair from skating in circles over and over. Oh yeah you know you want my rainbow socks.

For the record I roller skated first and then roller bladed after. I was at the roller rink and skates are a must, even if only for one lap.

20 May 2011

Why can some people not understand that women are also computer technicians?

Argh!!! Mother effin’ people! So some near-sighted fat man is here at the District Office setting up a networked copier. A co-worker helped set him up with a static IP to configure the stupid copier on our network. Then he left because he had other work to accomplish. So I am asked to help this guy set up a few machines with the driver so they can utilize the new copier. So I am asking who the people are that need the drivers, and if he has such drivers with him and I am talking and explaining stuff and he interrupts me and asks me where I’m from. I told him the network department and he looks shocked and asked if the other tech was still here. Argh!!!!! I was annoyed so I just decided to tell him that he didn’t even need a tech to install the drivers. I told him who needed the drivers and that they knew their email addresses. Dude he doesn’t even NEED me to help him install the driver that he has on HIS flash drive. I told him to find me in the TECH office if he needs me, cause you know I AM a tech. Sorry I am not a male tech and don’t fit your cookie cutter image of what you think a computer technician should look like.

Pfft at least I can fit behind the copier 'cause I am not pregnant with a 10 year turd comprised of Mt. Dew, Twinkies and fast food. I am glad I don’t look like what he thinks a computer tech should look like. God I get so tired and this happens more often than not where someone is like, “Uh where are the guys?” I am the fucking guys! I am one of the gang, I can fix shit yo! Ugh I need food I am feeling a headache coming on my insulin is dropping. Seriously fuck!

Note: He actually had to pull the copier from the wall because his porky piggy arms couldn't reach back there well enough. Well fucker, I set up that copier and I was able to do so with ample room for myself and my co-workers. So take that you chubnoid!

19 May 2011

For free???

Free crap and I don't even drink the piss water that is PBR.

17 May 2011

Water Babies

Had to take a trip down Memory Lane.... and Memory Lane dropped off Water Babies at my front steps. I have not watched Water Babies since I was a little kid and I had to watch it again. It's still pretty awesome I think.

13 May 2011

Last night I watched:

If you want a smart comedy, not lame mindless dribble, I suggest you watch The Trotsky.

It's about a teen that thinks he is the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky. It is intelligently funny and cute. Jay Baruchel did an excellent job as the lead in this movie. Now, go watch it!

10 May 2011


Watch it!

Being a fan of both Alexander Skarsgard and Juliet Lewis, I figured I would see how they fair at voice acting. I was really impressed. If you like trippy movies and cool animation I advise this movie.

"Someone is listening to your thoughts."

01 May 2011

I made mochi!!!

Okay so they don't look perfect and the cell phone picture quality is bad. But they tasted sooo good! I made some with just red bean paste, some with strawberries coated in red bean paste and some frozen ones with mango sorbet in them. I will have to perfect the sorbet ones because they quickly got melty but they were still good. I got the idea to make these because I love mochi ice cream. Also cookingwithdog has this video on how to make it:

It's actually a bit harder than it looks. I had a heck of a time finding the right kind of flower and if the dough gets too cool it's hard to work with but if it's too hot it BURRRNNNSSS!

Edit: Okay okay so I made Ichigo Daifuku. I guess that's what it's really called. Mochi I guess is just the dough part.

25 April 2011

How to solve modern pal problems

Sometimes I think Psychology Today is psychic... I was talking to a friend about friendships. How sometimes they come and go... sometimes you grow really close and suddenly never talk again. I know it has happened to me where a friend I once had is suddenly not as close or ever close again.

So I am posting this link for anyone who has felt that their friendships have died, grown apart, been interrupted for whatever reason.

This article has some common issues that come up between friends and how to tackle them in the right frame of mind.

Psychology Today article.

21 April 2011

Afternoon Adventures

The mister and I get to watch our friend's son this afternoon for a few hours... I figured since it's so nice out that we could go for a walk with him. So I am having mommy bring the stroller. My boyfriend says we get the stroller and his pirate sword so we can kill other strollers on our walk.

Our afternoon walk today should be quite entertaining... at least in my imagination it is. More than likely our friend's son will chew the pirate sword and eye spy where we are going on our afternoon death march. But in my mind, we will navigate his pirate stroller while he attacks unsuspecting strollers and steals their booty!

15 April 2011

Tokyo Godfathers

Tokyo Godfathers is pretty damn awesome. Don’t let the fact that it is subbed and not dubbed dissuade you from watching a really well made anime. The plot is awesome and the animation is good too.

13 April 2011

New Clock

My new clock is better than yours!

Thanks Nina, I love it.

11 April 2011

Summer Wars

Summer Wars=bad ass movie.

Everyone should watch it…. twice!

10 April 2011

Beer is good.

I think after work I would like a beer. It was a long day and I want it to feel good now.

Let’s hope that I get my reclass and that I get some good amount of house work done tonight.