25 May 2011

Dear Work,

I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I think you suck runny asshole. Anytime a computer is not working and we are not available at the drop of a hat you get upset. If the network is down and not back up in two minutes the whole tech department is to blame even though WE as a department have no control over the Comcast circuits OR power outages. I understand you all think we are some kind of computer wizards and with the flick of the wrist, wave of a wand or magic fairy dust we have the power to fix all. I think it is cute that you are so naive.

What I find very unfair is how our department is left out of everything. For example today, one of the high schools choirs came to sing and strut their stuff. Was there an invite to the techs? Did anyone peek their head in the office to see if we wanted to also hear the kiddos sing? NO! Of course not, it's not like we should be working or anything right??? Seriously payroll closes today and out the office window, who do I see standing out there gawking at singing high schoolers? The pay roll department. It is quite common that our tiny office of about 4 to 6 people is conveniently nothing more than an after thought for anything that goes on at work. It's frustrating! As a person with feelings it makes me feel like the odd man out during a dodge ball game that no one bothered to invite me to but I can see out my window. :(

No one tells us when the tamale lady is here. No one lets us know when the strawberry guy is here. No one bothers us when one of our schools is here to perform for the district office. To be honest the tech department, for as much as people NEED us, is nothing more than the red headed step child of the district office. No one interacts with us (no we are not all 500 lb, socially inept men who smell of Doritos and live in moms basement). We have feelings too and it's sad when a whole department is left out of the functions that the rest of the building is engaging in. Jerks!


Super Frustrated SusieTron 5000

P.S. I hope all of your computers break while I am out to lunch!

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