01 May 2011

I made mochi!!!

Okay so they don't look perfect and the cell phone picture quality is bad. But they tasted sooo good! I made some with just red bean paste, some with strawberries coated in red bean paste and some frozen ones with mango sorbet in them. I will have to perfect the sorbet ones because they quickly got melty but they were still good. I got the idea to make these because I love mochi ice cream. Also cookingwithdog has this video on how to make it:

It's actually a bit harder than it looks. I had a heck of a time finding the right kind of flower and if the dough gets too cool it's hard to work with but if it's too hot it BURRRNNNSSS!

Edit: Okay okay so I made Ichigo Daifuku. I guess that's what it's really called. Mochi I guess is just the dough part.

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