20 May 2011

Why can some people not understand that women are also computer technicians?

Argh!!! Mother effin’ people! So some near-sighted fat man is here at the District Office setting up a networked copier. A co-worker helped set him up with a static IP to configure the stupid copier on our network. Then he left because he had other work to accomplish. So I am asked to help this guy set up a few machines with the driver so they can utilize the new copier. So I am asking who the people are that need the drivers, and if he has such drivers with him and I am talking and explaining stuff and he interrupts me and asks me where I’m from. I told him the network department and he looks shocked and asked if the other tech was still here. Argh!!!!! I was annoyed so I just decided to tell him that he didn’t even need a tech to install the drivers. I told him who needed the drivers and that they knew their email addresses. Dude he doesn’t even NEED me to help him install the driver that he has on HIS flash drive. I told him to find me in the TECH office if he needs me, cause you know I AM a tech. Sorry I am not a male tech and don’t fit your cookie cutter image of what you think a computer technician should look like.

Pfft at least I can fit behind the copier 'cause I am not pregnant with a 10 year turd comprised of Mt. Dew, Twinkies and fast food. I am glad I don’t look like what he thinks a computer tech should look like. God I get so tired and this happens more often than not where someone is like, “Uh where are the guys?” I am the fucking guys! I am one of the gang, I can fix shit yo! Ugh I need food I am feeling a headache coming on my insulin is dropping. Seriously fuck!

Note: He actually had to pull the copier from the wall because his porky piggy arms couldn't reach back there well enough. Well fucker, I set up that copier and I was able to do so with ample room for myself and my co-workers. So take that you chubnoid!

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