30 January 2013

Hiking fail/win?

My little sister let me borrow two books on local hikes.  Sweet!  I thumbed through the smaller of the two books and found a hike to the Painted Rock in Carrizo Plains.  I had never been to the Painted Rock but I had driven through Carrizo Plains and been to Soda Lake.  I thought it would be great to go back and hike to the Painted Rock and check out Soda Lake again.  The last time I was out that way was well over 10 years ago, for some reason it seemed like it was a shorter drive there than I anticipated.  Let's just say that total drive time was 4 hours to get there and back home; at least that's what Google Maps says. I think it was much longer since part of the road was not paved and I had to go really slow on Soda Lake Road.

And the real bummer is that I didn't even get to hike out to the Painted Rock.  The guidebook I have says it is dog friendly and that there are no fees or appointments required.  I probably should have double checked that online but I didn't.  So before even heading out I was already failing I just didn't know it yet.  We get out to the Goodwin Education Center and it's closed because it was a federal holiday.  So I call an 800 number in hopes that they will give me the magic gate code to let me into the area where the Painted Rock is.  They tell me that I have to reserve it a day in advance online/over the phone or get the code from the education center, which is closed.  Why couldn't the woman on the line just give me the damn number over the phone?!  What was so hard about gathering my info and giving me the code.  I should have told her I was going tomorrow and gotten a code for then to try out the day I was there.  Whatever!

28 January 2013

When fairness fucks me.

When I started work at my company my contract stated an hour lunch.  After conferring with my boss and explaining that my peak productivity is during mid day (teachers and staff call me during their lunch time) we agreed it would be smart for me to have a 30 minute lunch.  I love 30 minute lunches, don't worry I will get to the reasoning after the backstory.  Skip forward several years, after we have gone through several HR directors, to present day. (I like our current director because he IS fair.)

26 January 2013

Lake Tahoe Photo Spam

Here are a some random shots that I took while exploring around Lake Tahoe during the first week of January.  I have one thing to say, snow is hard to photograph (and look at).  I had heard the term snow blindness but god damn!  Shit's bright.  I forgot my sunglasses one day and suffered, I was walking around hissing and squinting like .... well like a vampire. No not this kind, more like this.  Any how, here is what I managed between my hissing fits and my moments of cold.  I didn't realize how cold it gets once the sun goes down in snowy weather.  Also after one slip on the ice I learned how to be nimble.  I ass-planted really hard and managed not to spill my beer or tea.  Don't judge me!  I was cold but wanted a beer so I thought having tea as well would balance me out.

24 January 2013

Eagle Rock Trail

Eagle Rock is a newer trail on the west side of Lake Tahoe.  You can go to this link to see the trail when it is not covered in snow.  It was a bit slick due to the snow but it is an easy hike.  Our group, which was family only ranged from a three-year old to I assume 60'ish-year old.  I am still new to using my camera and I had to fight my gloves off and on frequently to take pictures for the hike.  So this is what you get.  Enjoy!  If you are in a hurry to see the panoramic view of the lake scroll down to the last image.

22 January 2013

Homewood Mountain Resort

Alternate working title:  First Time Snowboarding
I hope you enjoy the few photos I was able to capture with my phone when I wasn't too busy falling or too cold to use my phone without dropping it.

16 January 2013

Read More; Slack Less.

I was standing in the breakroom the other day; a little longer than usual.  I got stuck having to warm up my food in the lazy microwave.  Next to the lazy microwave I spied a bookcase.  Hmm some magazines on top, a few VHS tapes, several yearbooks and some novels.  As my couscous slowly warmed I thought to myself, "Self, when was the last time you read a book?"  I sat and pondered that question for a bit, "Well I am half way through Unbeaten Tracks in Japan and 501 Must-Visit Destinations so right now I am reading."  Then I thought to myself, "Self, picture books about traveling don't count!  And before Unbeaten Tracks it was months.  What happened to you?  You loved to read!"  I don't know what happened and I still love to read.

14 January 2013

Bad Candy

Or is it?

Once upon a time my friend and I set out to try all of the candies listed at this site:

While the site is no longer being updated, it is still in existence which is pretty fucking rad!  Needless to say my friend and I got through several of the "Bad Candy" that was listed but not all.  Sometimes while I am out and about I stumble across things that would qualify as "Bad Candy".  On a recent trip to the dollar store I found a pack of Pulparindo.  The bag contained 10 individually wrapped pieces of Pulparindo.  I am a big fan of Mexican candy; especially the sweet, spicy, salty variety.  Oh also, did you know that I love tamarind?  Well now you know!  I snatched up the bag of Pulparindo and mowed through the bag fairly quickly.  I figured I better take a picture of the last one as proof that they might be laced with crack.

13 January 2013

A Hiking We Will Go

Since my sis and I went on our little nature walk last month, I have been itching for a bit more.  And you know what???  She has too!  In an effort to prepare my dear mother for our trip to Hawaii we urged her to up her physical activity.  After slave marching her to near death in San Francisco, I realized that for our Hawaii trip to be a success mom needs some conditioning.  She agreed too.  My sister decided to take up walking with my mom.  Cool!  I will keep on running and doing the gym to stay healthy.  But that's kinda boring isn't it?

11 January 2013

Dreaming of Death (alternate working title: School Shootings)

9 January I emailed my sister about my dream:
"I had a terrible nightmare.  I think it's cause the students and normal school craps starts up again today.  But I had a dream that some crazy gun-toting student went into {name of sister's school} and shot up the place and that you got shot.  And I had a nervous breakdown at work like when grandma was dying in the hospital.  :(  I woke up feeling scared and sad last night.  Today I feel better.  But make sure you have a plan of escape and I think maybe today I will type up what I want done with my remains if something tragic ever happens to me."  {And run on sentences for days, with lots of ands!  If you have met me when I am excited about something I literally word vomit.  I type like I talk :p}

10 January 2013

The (Rock) Liebster Award!!!

I got a lovely little message from Happy Yuan and she was kind enough to Liebster Award me.  She what?! I will explain but first a little theme music to go with my Liebster Award.  Rock Liebster!!!

07 January 2013

Book: The Bad Girl's Club

Three girls unite in their realization that keeping themselves nice has got them nowhere.  It's time to take action.  It's time to rebel.  It's time to become Bad Girls.

Imogen wants to get laid but how can she be a bad girl until she loses a few kilos and gets her body into order?  Beth is happy to be a bad girl - so long as on one else finds out and so long as she is in control.  Juliette's not really sure what she's doing there, but it sure beats another Saturday night gaming with her geek boyfriend.

They band together to form the Bad Girl's Club, a support group for recovering nice girls, and through a series of brazen dares, push the limits of their sexuality.

But are the girls ready to finally take the final leap that will have them branded as bad girls for real?  To save the club, and each other they have to publicly acknowledge their darkest secrets.

The Bad Girls' Club - it's about sex, it's about dares but most of all, it's about friendship.  Available at Amazon and Smashwords.