13 January 2013

A Hiking We Will Go

Since my sis and I went on our little nature walk last month, I have been itching for a bit more.  And you know what???  She has too!  In an effort to prepare my dear mother for our trip to Hawaii we urged her to up her physical activity.  After slave marching her to near death in San Francisco, I realized that for our Hawaii trip to be a success mom needs some conditioning.  She agreed too.  My sister decided to take up walking with my mom.  Cool!  I will keep on running and doing the gym to stay healthy.  But that's kinda boring isn't it?

A few days ago my sister sent me this link.  Which got me to thinking about goals.  Last year my goal was to exercise regularly and do a 10k with my sister.  I did that.  Yay for me.  But without a reason to continue training for a running event I have kinda slacked off.  Boo for me.  Since we plan on hiking in Hawaii why not prepare myself with hiking locally.  Look at what I have available at my door step:

Crop 'n shop from hikespeak.com
That site details 71 hikes I can take that are in my 'area'.  Some closer, some farther.  But none that are any more than a few minutes passed a 2 hour drive from where I live!!!  Some as close as a 30 minute drive.  So what am I waiting for?!  Nothing really just the time and right weather to do it.  I gotta read up on the rules for the given hike and make sure not to start gung-ho on an 11 mile hike with mom right from the start.  I also have to see if any of them are dog friendly.  Fats could sure use the slave marching.  Gotta take him in for his booster shots before I take him out into too much wilderness though.  Hopefully I remember to bring my camera on the hikes to show off the cool places I go.  Hmmm camping is starting to sound really nice too.

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