26 January 2013

Lake Tahoe Photo Spam

Here are a some random shots that I took while exploring around Lake Tahoe during the first week of January.  I have one thing to say, snow is hard to photograph (and look at).  I had heard the term snow blindness but god damn!  Shit's bright.  I forgot my sunglasses one day and suffered, I was walking around hissing and squinting like .... well like a vampire. No not this kind, more like this.  Any how, here is what I managed between my hissing fits and my moments of cold.  I didn't realize how cold it gets once the sun goes down in snowy weather.  Also after one slip on the ice I learned how to be nimble.  I ass-planted really hard and managed not to spill my beer or tea.  Don't judge me!  I was cold but wanted a beer so I thought having tea as well would balance me out.

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