16 January 2013

Read More; Slack Less.

I was standing in the breakroom the other day; a little longer than usual.  I got stuck having to warm up my food in the lazy microwave.  Next to the lazy microwave I spied a bookcase.  Hmm some magazines on top, a few VHS tapes, several yearbooks and some novels.  As my couscous slowly warmed I thought to myself, "Self, when was the last time you read a book?"  I sat and pondered that question for a bit, "Well I am half way through Unbeaten Tracks in Japan and 501 Must-Visit Destinations so right now I am reading."  Then I thought to myself, "Self, picture books about traveling don't count!  And before Unbeaten Tracks it was months.  What happened to you?  You loved to read!"  I don't know what happened and I still love to read.

So on day number two being stuck using the craptastic microwave I decided that I am going to read every book in the breakroom.  You can't read VHS so that's out.  Fashion magazines are out too.  And so are the yearbooks for that matter, I don't care to see what my co-workers looked like in high school.  I noticed two books on cassette which I would attempt except I have no way of listening to them right now.

I haven't owned one of these since before I went to high school.  My car does not come equipped with such a legacy device either.  So there are two "books" that I will be passing on the bookshelf.  Kinda glad I don't have a cassette player because one of the books is about the Tripp/Lewinski nonsense.  I have no interest in women's affairs; especially repulsive ones.

Some time soon when I am stuck at that blasted slow-poke microwave I shall write down the list of books on the shelf and start reading them.  No, I am not going to review them.  And I know I am already not going to like some of them and others I have already read.  But I will probably share the list and my progress as I go.  Maybe this self imposed torture will get me off my ass to look for books that I choose because I find them of interest.  Not because I got some wild hair up my ass to read the books in the breakroom.  It's almost as if I am punishing myself for not reading by forcing myself to read things that are not of my choosing.  English 101 anybody?  I will have ample time to read at work now that I am forced to take an hour lunch.  More on that later.

Ah hell who am I kidding, I am not going to read the god awful books in the breakroom.  I will read the good ones even if I have already read them.  The Harlequin novels and self help books can stay on that stinkin' shelf.  With that said, if anyone has a book or series they would like to suggest.... I am all ears.  

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