11 January 2013

Dreaming of Death (alternate working title: School Shootings)

9 January I emailed my sister about my dream:
"I had a terrible nightmare.  I think it's cause the students and normal school craps starts up again today.  But I had a dream that some crazy gun-toting student went into {name of sister's school} and shot up the place and that you got shot.  And I had a nervous breakdown at work like when grandma was dying in the hospital.  :(  I woke up feeling scared and sad last night.  Today I feel better.  But make sure you have a plan of escape and I think maybe today I will type up what I want done with my remains if something tragic ever happens to me."  {And run on sentences for days, with lots of ands!  If you have met me when I am excited about something I literally word vomit.  I type like I talk :p}

You see my sister works at a school and is located right at the front door.  So if someone enters the school shooting she is right in the line of fire.  This scares the shit out of me!  My sister says she has dreams of being shot working at the school but she saves the day in her dreams... she also dies in them.

Over the recent gun control arguments and shooting incidents I have not publicly posted my opinion on the matter on my blog.  I have commented on other blogs where my stand is on gun control and my feelings on recent shootings.

In my family two of my sisters, my mom, myself and sister-in-law all work for schools.  My mom and sis-in-law work at grade schools.  One of my sisters works at a local college.  And my other sister works at a high school... I work for the district that my sister's high school is a part of.  I feel bad for the shootings that have occurred, don't get me wrong.  But it's always a bit worse when it hits closer to home.

During my morning break on 10 January, I was surfing Boing Boing when I stumbled into this article.  A shooting in Taft, at their high school.  One of my best friends' moms works as a teacher and lives in Taft.  Not sure where she works as a teacher but this is all very scary.  Even if she is okay, the community is very small and chances that she knows the victims and suspect are high.  Taft is just shy of a 2 hour drive from where I live.

Shortly after I read the news, I sent my sister an email with the link.  She replied back with a forwarded email from the principal of her school.  It is in regards to safety concerns and what steps they are taking at her school to be prepared for anything.  Also to ensure the safety of students and staff.  I am glad that measures are being taken to help keep the school safe; it's sad that this email did not go out in December after the shooting in Connecticut.  Better late than never?

In all honestly sometimes I wonder if it's worth it to work in education.  Or is it that the problem lies more with industry and culture?  I dunno... stupid people.  So was my shooting dream prophetic or was it only a matter of time until the next shooting?  I go with the latter.  Are people not keeping their ammo and weapons under lock and key or something?

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