20 December 2012

Did you know I live near a large body of water?

Most people wouldn't think so.  I am not a beach person.  I don't like the cold ass Pacific Ocean and fine sand is one of my many pet peeves, so I avoid it.  I do however, enjoy hikes and tide pools.  I live within a 10-20 minute drive from the Pacific Ocean depending on where I am going.  The popular spot around these parts is Pismo Beach which I avoid like the plague.  It's usually riddled with our version of leafers "Bake-O's" (from Bakersfield).  Since our Doggy Parade was over so quickly that Sunday I thought it would be nice to take my sister hiking around the Avila Sea Caves (area is also referred to more commonly as Pirate's Cove and the tide pools at Shell Beach.

Check out the 2nd pano shot to see what I was doing.

What I am doing?  Aside from looking chubby; layers of clothing will do that to you.  I am test driving my new camera.  I finally took it outside to give it a spin.  I used it a bit with the doggy parade but like I said; moving animals ugh!  So this is a picture my sister took of me taking a picture.  Here goes some pictures of what we explored.  Feedback appreciated as I am learning this new camera machine.  The first set of shots were taken around the Avila Sea Caves.

This was several shots I stitched together to get the pano look.

We hiked over to that ridge where you can look down on Pirate's Cove.
That's Pirate's Cove down there.
Pano shot I created out of the shots I took while up on the ridge I mentioned.
Now about Pirate's Cove; it's a nude beach.  It's kind of an optional nude beach though.  Some people don't disrobe but for the most part the attitude is very chill.  You won't find many large or very old people as it is a bit of a mission to get down to the cove and back up again.  You have to be in good health.  After we hiked around here we departed to Shell Beach to have lunch and explore the tide pools.

Well that was that.  My Sunday Funday with my sister and dog, two Sundays ago.  Man I sure do lag at getting posts up lately.  I have been quite the lazy ass I think.  So an update on the juice fast; turns out greasy foods and meat make my tummy ache something fierce.  So since I liked how I felt juicing and eating plant based foods, I am sticking with it.  Does that mean I am turning vegan and everyone else must comply?  No.  I will just choose to eat differently, it's not hard.  My body thanks me for the effort and my sister has decided she loves how she has been feeling and is continuing to juice and eat right.

And now in preparation for doomsday tomorrow (or today depending on where in the world you live) I give you this:

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