07 December 2012

Why no more Facebook?

"Bless me father, for I have sinned.  It has been about I don't know how long since my last Facebook session.  These are my sins..."

What the frak is she going on about now?
Well I did it, AGAIN, I got rid of Facebook.  But instead of caving and enabling it again, I actually am allowing the 2 week expiration to run out on it.  So it will be gone FOREVER!  I can't recall when I axed it so the 2 week time may have already lapsed.

  "Lord Flying Spaghetti Monster, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. R'amen."

Have I been tempted at all to reactivate it?

Has my life lost meaning without it?

Has it been an inconvenience not having it?
Sort of.

Why you ask?
Well, I have noticed it seems that everyone is using it!  I was researching some juice fast recipes and I had to "Like" a page in Facebook to have access to it.  Lame.  So many people and businesses have pages that you have to "Like" to gain information you may be seeking.  That is the one and only inconvenience I find with not having a Facebook.  Oh, well.  It's the internet, I can find anything I am looking for in more than one place.

I was asked by a few people before deleting Facebook why I was doing it.  I have been asked a few times since then too.

Well I can tell you it's not because I am a psychopath.  It's not because I want to be different.  It's because I started to hate it, not someone, a thing, I hated a thing.  How could I let something have so much power over me to make me feel hate?  And ultimately I hated myself because I let an object control my feelings.

The biggest reason I hate it is this:

Yeah that's me with my sister and my friend sitting across from me.  Do I even notice the picture is being taken?  No!  I was so engrossed in what was on my phone that I was missing out on the company of people who took time to be with me.  The funny thing is, the phone I had at the time didn't even have Facebook or could even support having the app on it.  This was two years ago!!!  And back then I thought I was a bad friend.  Not only am I wasting someones time by doing this, I am probably hurting their feelings.  Or am I?

Probably not.
What you say?!
Yeah, they probably aren't even noticing that I am talking about necrophilia and incest.
What?!  WHY???
Credit: Christina DesMarais
That's why.  Because now everyone does it.  Or at least now I notice everyone doing it.  I have seen four people sitting together, around a dinner table and each one of them is on the Facebook app.  EACH ONE!  What the hell is the point of sitting around a dinner table when you are a million miles away in cyberlandia?  I have sat across from people at dinner that 'uh huh' and nod at my conversation while engrossed on their phone.  I just sit, eat my food and hope to get my butt home where I don't have to wear a bra or shoes to have dinner.  Some restaurants are even offering discounts to people that don't use their phones during dinner; which I think is a fabulous idea.  A friend of mine recently told me that when he goes to dinner with friends, phones get piled in the center of the dinner table and no touching allowed.  He even sent me a photo of the tower of phones.

This goes further because now you can't carry a conversation without references to Facebook being made.  Really.

I go out to meet my friend for some cocktails.
Friend:  Hey what's up, haven't seen you in a while.  How have you been?
Me:  Good, been getting ready to donate my body to science.
Friend:  Oh really, did you see what {insert name} posted on Facebook?  She is pregnant!  And at her age, oh my god.
WTF?! I said DONATE my BODY to science!!!
Me:  Uh no, I haven't.  I don't have Facebook.
Friend: Oh.  {long silence}
Me:  So how is your {family member} that is backpacking India doing?
Friend:  Good I guess, sometimes he hops on Facebook and posts a picture or two.  
Me:  That's awesome, I wish I could travel more.  I watched a documentary about the India and I really want to see the Taj Mahal.
Friend:  Yeah that's cool.  {long silence}
Me: *sigh* {equally long silence} 

I wondered what excuse I could give to get out of there because I could hold my dog's attention better than the person I was sitting with.  I pondered this as my friend tapped away on their mobile device and started scrolling.  I assume checking for the most recent Facebook status updates.  Was the only thing they had to talk about really Facebook?  Couldn't they talk about the weather, life, family, work or even complaining about a significant other?  Instead I got silence and a blank stare.  What riveting conversation!

Did you see what happened there?  Yeah that's what it's like.  If you have nothing to say regarding, relating or about Facebook the conversation is like pulling teeth!  I could have been at home, drinking booze for cheaper engaging in something more entertaining like petting the dogs.  Or writing another snarky blog post about yet another thing that pisses me off.  Anyways, that's pretty much why I got rid of my Facebook.  My old age is making me a grumpy shut-in.  Whatever!  If I have to leave my house at least make it worth my while.

***The one exception I will allot without getting bitchy about people on Facebook, is to allow a single tag.  To be done prior to the meal or drinks being brought out.  The rest can wait for later.  If you have to photograph your food, do it.  But then leave the damn phone alone, you can crop, edit, tag or whatever later after you eat and be merry.  Stay off of the damn Facebook, you can do it!  I know you can.***

On a positive note, I had a wonderful dinner with my good friend.  She was celebrating her birthday.  Our conversation was able to cover current events, catch up on stuff that has gone on and plans for the holidays and such.  I felt happy to have good company with good conversation.  And to top it off I left full and ate healthy.  Here is a shot of our lovely dining area.

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