11 December 2012

Tag, I'm it!

I've been tagged and it's been ages since I played any variation of a tag game. This one should prove to be easy as it involves typing and not chasing. Kathryn has tagged me in a friendly game of:

Luckily I am still young enough and healthy enough to still have my two front teeth.  So I suppose I should list what I really would like.  I am not one to ask for things for Christmas.  Believe it or not I was raised in a household that did not celebrate this holiday.  So as an adult when people ask me what I want I usually say, "I dunno.  Don't worry about getting me anything."  My husband calls me a fool!  I hate having someone feel they are obligated to get me something.  And I hate feeling obligated to get something for someone when I really don't feel like it.  Don't get me wrong I like gift exchanges and presents; I just hate that you feel obligated to buy a present for Creepy Uncle Bob, who pinches your butt when no one is looking, only because he is family.  That old adage is so right, "You can choose your friends, but not your family."

So here goes, I will post my top 3 items I want for Christmas.

I want the red one.
Krusell Sealbox for my Galaxy S3.  It's waterproof and comes with a wrist strap.  I REALLY hope Santa gets this for me because it's waterproof.  Why is this so important?  I will be going to the snow after Christmas and this way I can take my phone out for pictures and video without fear of getting it wet (or lost - It's a bad habit of mine, especially while inebriated).  And next year my trip to Hawaii will require some sort of underwater device to record snorkeling adventures.

Have you ever played Apples to Apples?  Well it's kind of like that but for horrible people.  I love playing games and going to friend's houses for game night.  So this would fit in quite perfectly.  And since I am asking Santa for what I want, I want both expansion packs and the holiday expansion pack that is currently available too.

I need reading material.
I have been wanting to read this but have yet to.  I saw the anime which was hilarious but it's time to read the manga.  And I can't find it anywhere around here.  Plus I am being to stingy to buy the box set online.  Maybe Santa will feel generous.

While on the subject of generosity [Amazon Wish List What?! It's worth a try no?  I might have a rich blog reader that feels like playing Santa for me].  If it wasn't out of Santa's price range I would ask for a new television as mine decided to blow up Friday afternoon.  I like watching television while I prepare meals and also when eating them.  Now I have to suffer (I know, first world problems! Sheesh.) a laptop for my Netflix movies.  Whole on the topic of generosity, it wouldn't hurt if Santa could throw some money my way for my trip to Hawaii.  Vacations aren't cheap Santa, I promise I've been a good girl!

Not sure who to tag for this but I will tag my sister in hopes of getting her to blog again and Emily because she is adorable!  I would tag Tom but Kathryn beat me to the punch. 

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