12 December 2012


Nabbed from Geocaching.com

 I was really hoping to get some better pictures than the boring ones I took on 11-11-11.  Alas today was a work day so I had to work with what I had.  So you get to tag along for my entire work day, hooray?  I had planned to start taking pictures as soon as I woke up but I forgot.  Sorry folks.

My messy work area.

The ladies room.

Inside the refrigerator at work.

Aisle at Lassen's; a natural food store.  Had to get some nutritional yeast for dinner.

Lunch; looks kinda gross but it's good. Tofu steaks with grilled mushrooms and a side salad with avocado.

Our very messy caged area where we keep the sound box.

The sound set up I did for the board meeting that takes place tonight.

The Christmas tree that is set up in the building where I work.

Today was a tad colder than usual and rainy.  Getting home after work.

Dinner: seasoned roasted veggies with vegan parmesan.

Watching Disney's The Ugly Ducking.  Don't judge me, I miss my old cartoons.

While Christmas shopping for my niece I found this abomination.  I think it is supposed to be a My Little Pony baby.
That pretty much sums up my 12-12-12.  Such a thrilling life I lead, isn't it?  Well at least I have my health, job and shelter so I am thankful for the uneventful day.  My sister had an interesting day at work.  They had to lock down her school because an explosive device was found near the campus.  A co-worker asked if it was  my grenade but mine was on my desk where it belongs.

Anyhow I hope to post my pictures from my Sunday Funday adventures with my sister.  I hope to get them posted by at least Friday or Saturday.  Where has the time gone?  December is damn near over already.

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