14 December 2012

Christmas Dog Parade

Last week I heard about a Christmas Dog Parade happening at Avila Beach.  Dog parade?  What the hell?  I was told people would be dressing their little fur babies in costumes and parading them down the street in Avila. So I figured, heck I don't have Sunday plans I will go.  My sister accompanied me to Avila and I brought my fat little fur baby too.  No costume for him, he was just hanging out with us enjoying the madness that ensued.  Honestly it was less than five minutes of dogs trying to do what they wanted instead of walk in an orderly parade.  Some dogs were okay but most of them wanted to sniff around and play.

Snarky sitting with my sister looking on at the crazy dogs.

Santa Clause squinting into the sun getting ready for the parade.

A woman dressed as a dog, the mask thing was kinda creepy.

This little doggy had its nails painted with red glitter polish.
One of the few well behaved dogs leading it's mini master.

This was my favorite costume out of all the ones I saw.

This dog wasn't having it.  It was jumping and pulling at it's leash; it was pretty funny.

"It's so FLUFFY I'm gonna DIE!!"

I think this was the best shot of the group.  Animals are hard to photograph; they move!

Was it meant to be funny?  There have been shark attacks in Avila.

Mini horses or giant doggies? Hmm the jury is still out.

The dog was going the right way; she wasn't too sure where she was going.

The creepy dog lady just leveled up in creepiness.

This was just too much... My mind went blank and then to a scary place.

My eyes glazed over and for some reason I was mentally teleported to this:

The parade was over just as quick as it started.  The only thing different was the image of the gimp left in my mind.  So with the whole morning left to ourselves and a lunch bag packed with food, we set off.  I took my sister to explore near the Avila Sea Caves/Pirates Cove.  After that we had some lunch and explored around some tide pools at Pismo Beach.  More on that later... stay tuned!

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