10 December 2012

Blog Hop - My Neighborhood

For this blog hop I am going to share the sights I see most often where I live.  Nothing near downtown or anything.  I am hoping to get some pictures of Christmas decorations where I live soon.  Hopefully BEFORE Christmas; time is just flying by!  This hop was started by Kathryn and I am glad I get to play this time.

This is the street right outside my apartments.  My apartments are on the right side of the  photo.  I drive down this street several times a week.  I also walk this street several times a week/day when I take my doggies out to do their business.  Though it looks nice and quiet, looks are deceiving.  Behind the trees in the actual apartment complex are dangers!  Unkempt children that torment my dogs and destroy property, roaming around until well after it gets dark.  I am talking children not teenagers!  And there are also the hordes of people spilling out of one bedroom units because they are crammed full of multiple families.  It's really very interesting to see the types of people that live around here.  At least my neighbor is really nice, though I don't know her name, we have baked goodies for one another.

My typical view of Monday through Friday.  This is the parking lot at my work.  Not very interesting really, just a typical parking lot with very few cars left at the end of my work day today.  If I have my way, this view may change in the near future.  I  am going to have to search for work in the private sector soon.  California has been "borrowing" from state employees with the promise of paying us back our cost of living adjustment when the state comes out of the red.  Honestly, I don't see the state recovering from the financial crisis it is in, I only see it getting worse.

I don't know why this picture came out so blurry.  This was the one that I wanted to share the most, oh well.  I must have been wiggling when I took the picture.  This is the location of my local CSA.  I love how this old house is tucked between two warehouse commercial buildings.  I get a big Trader Joe's bag filled to the brim with locally grown, fresh, organic produce.  This is my first year taking part of my local CSA and I love it.  I get my bag of produce and then I have to figure out what to make for meals based on what I get.  I tried new veggies I have never had before and got to hunt new recipes too.

In other news, I got my Secret Santa gift from the reddit gift exchange!  :)  My Santa was from Australia,  you can check out what I got here.  Also, I have finished one week of juicing and love it.  I haven't had to take my stomach  meds and I have so much energy.  It's getting close to Christmas and all the goodies are starting to tempt me.  I could really go for an eggnog with brandy or some dark chocolate truffles.

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