15 December 2011

I made omurice.

Okay so it looks really plain, I know. But since Joey has some problems eating tough foods and he has been nauseous from pain medication, I made omurice. I have been passing this recipe because I am NOT a fan of eggs with tomato sauces (ketchup and the like). I actually think scrambled eggs and ketchup look disgusting! But I figured this would be filling, easy to chew and also not too tough to digest. I followed the recipe below:

The only thing I did differently was omit the ketchup on top of the omelet which is why it looks so plain. After I started eating it, I decided it needed some heat so I added Cholula to it. So a nice hot sauce works better as a topping than ketchup for my taste buds. I was delightfully surprised at how tasty the chicken rice turned out even though the mixture called for ketchup. I will definitely make this again. Next time I hope to try Cooking With Dog's recipe:

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