14 December 2011

Secret Santa revealed!

So today we got our final Secret Santa gift AND found out who the person was. I thought I knew when the Secret Santa gifts started coming in when I got a wind up toy, I had a feeling it was Karen. But then the other gifts didn't really seem to give any more hints, I thought it may have been Michele. I should've stuck with my gut instinct, it was Karen! She was very happy to be my Santa as we both are into arts and crafts. I am really excited to put the amazing scrapbook paper to use! The stickers are also amazing.

I failed at taking a picture of the gift I gave to my person. Needless to say Jared was the only guy playing these reindeer games and I got to shop for him. It was so much fun and easy! His final gift was totally a manly snack gift basket. Contents: beer, nuts, cheese, summer sausage, crackers, some chocolate and I even threw in a glass cross candle holder with a scripture written on it and some tea lights. He loved all of it and I am happy that he did.

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