14 July 2010

I had a realization....

People need hobbies. I was looking at Facebook the other day and I noticed 7 people all within an hour had mentioned in their status that they were bored. WOW! That's pretty sad... Is it that hard to be content doing absolutely nothing? In a world of hurried chaos, is it that hard to have some down time for people?

What about hobbies? In my awesome DUI class the other night, one girl mentioned that she drinks when she is bored.... and she is bored all the time. The counselor asked the girl if she had hobbies and the girl said.... drinking! And yet the girl can't understand how it is she came to have 2 DUI's and lose custody of her child.

What ever happened to movie night? Or playing board games? Drawing, reading, going for a walk or listening to music?

In order to combat boredom, avoid a second DUI and stay content with life; I have been doing this:

  • Going on walks with the boyfriend and the doggies late at night (to avoid the late night boredom).

  • Reading (Just got done with all but the last of the Sookie Stackhouse series).

  • Movie night with family, friend or solo with the boyfriend. (Netflix is a godsend).

  • Writing (This is Not a Book is awesome fun and gets the creative juices flowing).

  • Game night at my mother's house. (My mother and I have never seen eye to eye but as of late we have become much closer and I blame game night).

  • Knitting/crocheting (I haven't started just yet. But my sister is going to teach me and give me some of her yarn so I can try making scarves, beanies and blankets).

  • Artsy crafty time. Turn on the music, turn off the tele and bust out the arts and crafts materials.

I really hope people can get off of their complain boat and relax. Have fun and enjoy the short life you have to live. Do something, don't wait for something.

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