30 July 2013

I am thankful...

That Andy did not come to us with a potty mouth.

I am also quite thankful he came with a sense of humor.

And I am now starting to understand that the logic of a child's mind has been so far removed from me as an adult it is somewhat refreshing.  Sometimes my uncle will tell my husband about what I was like when I was younger.  I remember and laugh at how awesome/ridiculous I used to be.
The other day after Andy had his bath, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and start preparing for bed.  When I found the tube of sunscreen I got for him earlier in the week out on the bathroom counter.

I picked it up and it was greasy and had just been used.  I cleaned up the sunscreen from the bottle and the counter.  I went into the living room and asked Andy if he had used the sunscreen.  He admitted, "Yeah, I had to put it on because my bath water was too hot."  I chuckled and explained, "Andy this is for when you are outside so the sun doesn't burn you.  It's not supposed to be used before or during your bath."  Andy, "Well it was burning me like the sun."  I let him win that one and just told him not to be messing with the sunblock unless he is going to wear it outside at the pool.  He claims he hates swimming but he has never tried.  I think he just might be scared, but we have a pool, so he should learn to swim.

A day or so after that funny misuse of sunscreen, I got another fit of the chuckles.  Well it was more like rip-roarin' laughter.  The hubs had gone outside to take out the trash and I had just gotten home from work.  As per my usual habit, I pet the dogs and talk to them.  I picked up Snarky and said, "Oh you are so fat and so delicious looking I could just eat you!"

No!  Don't eat me!!!
To which Andy turned from the computer and said, "You can't eat him! That's North Korean* talk right
there."  That came completely out of left-field!  Where the hell did hear that shit?  I laughed so hard, probably shouldn't have as I don't want to encourage bad behavior.  But I really doubt he knew exactly what he was saying.  Or did he?  After my fit of laughter I asked him what he meant by that and he just simply said, "I hate North Koreans."  I asked him why but he didn't have a reason, so I asked if he knew any North Koreans and he did not.  A few days later it came into light that he had heard his "Evil Grandma" (his maternal grandmother) say bad things about North Koreans.  Hating blindly at such a young age, tsk tsk.  We addressed the hate issue and hopefully he can un-learn hate given some time. 
My mental image while I was told I was talking North Korean.
I am sure that is not the end of the ridiculous things Andy will say and do that make me laugh. Some stuff is more annoying than funny given the situation.  I have had to use packing tape on two different light switches in the house.  He has a bad habit of turning lights on and leaving them on.  Even if he is not using them.  We are teaching him to turn off lights if he is not using them.  The hall light has been permanently flipped to the off position since it just wastes electricity, is useless and often times turned on when we don't notice in the day time.  I had enough of that so I turned it off, grabbed the clear tape and taped it down.  Ha!  The next time he flipped the switch he thought it was broken, I told him I taped it down because it didn't need to be on.

By our front door is a switch that controls the wall outlet our entertainment center is plugged into.  Sometimes between running in and out to go play he switches it OFF.  That kid pushing my buttons figuratively and literally!  I taped that one to the permanently ON position.  Saves us the hassle of arguing over trivial things.  He just likes pushing buttons and flipping switches!

My next post should be a review, I got sent underwear.  It should prove to be TMI and maybe mildly entertaining.

*Step-son is Korean on his maternal side.

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