06 June 2013


I say may-oh-naze but the husband calls it man-aze which sounds like man-aids to me.  So forever when we run out of mayo... I laugh.  Then ask my husband why on Earth he would want "man aids", eeew!  It's a running joke in my house that will probably never get old.  We are both California-born and raised, where does the slight difference in our pronunciation come from?

My sister, who recently bagged a job as a language assessor sent me this link.  I found the maps to be enlightening... I learned that it is a boo-ee knife not a bow-ee knife.  I was reminded of my rant fest over pronunciation and a scene from The Benchwarmers.

Let me throw in a few more I have heard:
pillow = pell-oh
probably = prolly
because = pee-cuz
pizza = peek-suh

Maybe it's due to the type of ESL folks in my area and who they learn from.
What is dickso-bunnies?

I recently learned that some people can't hear themselves.  They don't perceive their own accent or (mis-)pronunciation.  I wonder if I would become annoyed as a language assessor or an ESL teacher?  Or would I strive to have my students achieve proper (for the region) pronunciation?  I would like to think the latter, the only proof of a job well done is the outcome right?  But as the mister likes to point out, patience is not one of my many virtues.  And really it is unfair to expect everyone to absorb and retain information exactly the same way as another.  Would I become annoyed by accents?  A sibling of mine once said she would love to date an Aussie.... then she changed her mind when she decided the accent would go from endearing to annoying.  I never really thought of it...  I never felt annoyed by my exchange student's accents.  I know one specifically insisted he did not have an accent; everyone else did!  I miss that kid.

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