05 October 2012

Pet Peeve Friday

Okay so I am not a real-a-tor; or a realtor for that matter.  But damn it why do so many people say it wrong?  It seriously bugs the crap out of me.  There is no extra 'a' or 'i' between REAL and TOR.  I am not even talking about people that are new to the English language, I am talking native speakers that choose to say things wrong.  WHY?!  Dear lord why?!

Oh and another one that really burns my biscuits is nuclear.  What is so tough about nuclear?  I mean aside from the science behind it that is mind blowing, the easiest thing about is the pronunciation!  But for some reason thousands (maybe even millions) of people have a hard time saying it.

Maybe I am letting something miniscule bother me that shouldn't?  NO!  I have reason to be annoyed by lazy people that refuse to read words the way they are written.  It annoys me that they change words around or add/omit letters to meet their needs.  Say the damn word correctly or shut up!  Why is this bothering me so?  My first name, not 'Susie' (Susie is to help idiots that can't read, pronounce my/a name.) is often butchered because people don't take the time to READ.  They see a string of letters and just decide what my new name should be.  Stupid!  Now with my married last name I get a double whammy of people screwing up both my first and last name.  

Well, what am I gonna do about it?!  Not much.  But I will leave this little gem here to help aide in the fight against saying shit the wrong way. 

My all time favorite mispronounced word: ASK.  "You better aks somebody!"
I know in my mind when I think about aksing somebody it's only done one way.

Well, now that I am done with my tirade over something I have no control over, I share this awesome shirt that I kinda sorta want from ThinkGeek:

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