31 October 2012

Heart attack in a can: REVISITED

I now interrupt your irregularly scheduled programing of, "Why is Susie lagging at blog posts? - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4." to bring you an important news flash:

I guess Monster Energy Drinks really can cause heart attacks.   It wasn't just me thinking it might, I guess it kinda has already.  And looks like they are facing a law suit for providing death in a can.  So, you Monster addicts out there probably should start stockpiling before the F.D.A. regulates your crack; err I mean dietary supplement or it gets yanked off of store shelves.

You may now return back to your normal programming.  Or at least a peek preview of the future normal programming.

Currently I am dying of the flu that I caught from my sister.  I will have to say she always gives me the best stuff, even the best flu!  I am so flu-ey that I totally forgot today is Halloween.  Luckily I am having my fright vicariously through Chris' cultural exchange, thanks Chris you always know how to scare 'em right!

Saturday I got to meet a fellow blogger, Tom over at Yasmat Unlimited (photo/blog post coming soon or you can peep his site for his post).
I was also away at yet another wedding.  My brother-in-law got married on Sunday (more pics to come but here is a teaser):
Congratulations Dave and Amy Nelsen!

I will fill you all in on what I was up to and hopefully add some pics and locations to where I visited.  I need to shake this god awful flu, I don't feel like my usual, funny, snarky, mouthy-self these few days.
Thanks for reading!

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