03 October 2012

Susie Appreciation Day?

The stars must be in my favor today or something.  I came to work to a yummy bacon and egg breakfast burrito from the Migrant Ed administrative assistant.  It was delicious!  Sure beat the heck out of my attempt at being healthy.   

A few minutes later the receptionist brought by the two little wind-up toys pictured above.  It's no secret I like to have wind-up toy wars.


I appreciate the little thank yous I get doing my job.  I am very confident that I do a great job at work.  But it gives me warm and fuzzies when people remember to say thank you.  And I get super warm and fuzzy when the thank yous are in the form of food and toys. 

So since I am feeling super warm and super fuzzy today, I feel like adding to my blog roll.  I need more reading material, more often.  So if you feel like being added to my blogroll shoot me a message.  What's the worst that can happen?  More traffic to your site?  OH NO!

Any who, I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.  I will be sharing my Sacramento adventures with you fine people shortly.

My other wind-up warriors.
 Thanks Karen and Maribel for making my day!

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