28 September 2012

Time to dust off the old camera.

Fujifilm S5100
Well, after months of procrastinating I finally did it.  I grabbed my old camera, dusted it off and slapped new batteries in it.  I haven't used this camera in so many years, I think I am going to run through a quick how to.  I might as well use it to its full capabilities rather than just point-click.  I have a crap camera and iPhone for that kind of stuff.

I want to thank Tom and Qwerky for posting pictures that are urging me to get off my ass and do the same.  I like that they photograph around where they live.  I would too but I don't really live some place that I find entirely too interesting.  I have a few days I will be spending in Sacramento so I hope to snap some photos there.  It's nice this time of year in Sacramento and I hope to find something worth taking a picture of.  Not to mention I won't have any distractions to keep me from taking pictures in the afternoons.

I will be about 8 blocks away from Capitol Park.
Pilfered from Yelp
I hear the park is really nice and for as many times as I have been to Sacramento I have yet to visit the Capitol Museum.  I am hoping to catch the building open during the time I am there if at least to get a look at the architecture inside the building.

The last time I bothered taking pictures of stuff was when I went to Germany.  I used 2 point-click cameras and just photographed stuff all willy-nilly.  After reading some of Tom's posts I think I need to take my time and try to get a few nice shots.   I am in no hurry while in Sacramento, the only thing that I will be up against is how much day light I have.  And even if I lose daylight, I am sure I can find some interesting night shots. 

Other than my park excursions I look forward to having dinner at two places.  The Pyramid Brewery Alehouse which I have been to before.  It's right across from a church that was being remodeled the last time I went.  I hope it's completed so I can see how it turned out.  I also want to try out the River City Brewing Company.  It am interested in trying their Kolsch and to see if they serve it in the traditional Kolsch glass.

Pilfered from The Full Pint

Being a creature of habit I will continue to dine alone and try the restaurant's beer samplers.  Unlike most people, I find eating alone (drinking alone) to be quite alright in public.  I don't have to feign interest or think of things to talk about when I sit alone.

Sacramento pics here and here and here.

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