26 September 2012

Paying top dollar to be a corporate billboard.

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I was in search of a long-sleeve thermal or long-sleeve t-shirt the other day.  I had a hell of a time finding something that didn't have a brand name printed all over it and the high price tag attached to the brand name. I just wanted a simple, one-colored, neutral shirt. I finally settled on one. It was not quite what I wanted but I took it. You never know when a hood will come in handy right?

This is what I ended up getting.
I want to understand why it is that I have to pay high dollar to advertise for a company?  I just want a shirt to keep me warm. Not a ZooYork shirt that can be read from space!  All of this complaining and I wasn't even in a ladies department store.  I knew the type of shirt I was in search of would be found in the mens section of the store.  I won't even go into the problems and nightmares I encounter in the ladies department.
This is not what I had in mind.
Okay so I will go into it!  What is the point of owning a Coach or Louis Vuitton purse?  To show people how much money you throw away on accessories?  To show you have so much money you use it as a snot rag or toilet paper?  I would rather spend a few hundred to have a weekend out of town than a name brand anything. That name brand something won't do much for me when I am sitting at home bored because my purse/shoes/clothes broke the bank. The adventure I could have and memories to go with it will outlast the high dollar item any day!  Especially with how quickly fashion changes it's mind about what is the latest in haute couture.

Life is too short to worry about who has the best name brand {insert useless crap here}.  Time goes by faster than we notice until it is too late.  My shopping fiasco reminded me that useless high dollar crap is not what I (or anyone else) need(s) in life.  It also reminded me that I probably shouldn't have let my shopping trip annoy me as much as it had.  I dislike shopping for clothing.

Revisiting the story of 'The Jar' this weekend on Cameron's site helped remind me that I should worry about the important things in life.  Having name brand stuff shouldn't be what's important in life.  Letting a shopping trip sour my mood shouldn't be what's important in life.  Sure I still wank about life in general just cause I do it more as a sense of a release and comic relief than anything else.  I just have to pay attention to the important stuff.... the rocks if you will.  I KNOW I have to be selective about what goes into the jar since I spent so much of my life filling it with pebbles and now my space is precious.  I am trying to figure how to get the rocks I missed before to fit in the jar now.

Also, I still hate shopping for clothing above all else.

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