12 September 2012

Nothing lasts forever.

Especially fillings that are circa 1980's.
I brush.
I floss.
I also have a fear of the dentist.

Since I hate the dentist it was a rare occurrence that I would actually go to the dentist.
Unless something was causing me discomfort or a filling came loose, I avoided them at all costs.
 Did you know that amalgam fillings typically last about 8 to 10 years?

My old amalgam fillings were failing me.
They were starting to fall out.
Aside from falling out, some fillings had allowed decay to occur under the filling.
This ultimately lead to a few (many) root canals being needed.

The tooth at the upper right of the x-ray is a root canal that I recently got.
Amalgam contracts and expands with temperature change and moisture.
So over time they allow decay to occur under the tooth and around the filling.
So how do I fix my problem of failing old fillings?
I had to make an expensive choice to restore my old as dirt fillings.
Expensive?  But don't you have dental insurance?
Yes, yes I do but there is an annual cap that they will cover after that it all comes out of pocket.

So my choice was work to on my teeth little by little as they got progressively worse.
Or I could just get all of the old fillings restored using composite resin in a short period of time.
I bit the bullet and went with the more expensive option.  
I figured my fillings were way beyond their expiration date and I didn't need more root canals.

So to get the root canals and crowns that go with the root canals was costly.
Restoring my failing fillings was also costly.
The only thing that makes me happy is knowing I won't have to worry about more root canals.
I am better prepared now by knowing the life span of my current fillings.
I also have made it a point to use my free teeth cleanings twice a year and have my free full check up once a year.

I would like to say this is why I am afraid of the dentist:

But there is more to my fear than a crazed dentist.
But I look at it this way I can either get over my fear of the dentist or I can end up without teeth.

Or I could look at it this way.... I could have no teeth and have bought this for the price it cost to get all my fillings restored and crowns done:
The Nissan Versa will not be of any use to me if I want corn on the cob.

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