05 September 2012

Fuck The Fingerstache

Here she goes again; Wanky Ms. Wanks-a-lot!

Aww come on, it's not always like that.  Oh, wait, umm, yeah it kinda is like that.  Whatever!  Opinions: I have them.  I will now share my opinion on the fucking fingerstache.  God I hate those stupid things.  It's not clever and it's gotten beyond old.
This is not clever/funny anymore.
I'm sorry but does anyone remember what happened to SpongeBob when he ripped his pants?  I'll tell you, everyone got tired of it!

Okay everyone, you can stop now.  It's not funny or clever.  Leave it the fuck alone and move on to something better.  It's been almost a decade since the finger mustache supposedly reared it's ugly head into the world.  And since then has gained a following of morons with no sense of individuality.  Now you can even get a variety pack of fingerstaches!
You can have one for any occasion!
I am tired of seeing this tattoo.  But you know what is equally horrifying, the fact that the fingers are not the only acceptable place for the 'stache:
And here I thought the car eyelashes were stupid.  We can accessorize anything with a mustache cause it's what all the cool kids do yay!

I am done beating this dead horse too.  I just want mustaches to go away!  I don't care to see you on coffee mugs, rings or babies!  Now feel free to carry on with your mustache-free day.
I am off to enjoy the armada's attempt at invasion.


  1. I completely agree. When these people see each other 20 years from now it'll only be a 'secret society of embarrassing trendy tattoos' acceptance nod that they'll be able to share.

    1. I wonder how much money the doctors that do laser removals make off of lame tattoo removal. The sad part about the fingerstache is that it's on your finger. So it's not like you can cover it like a tramp stamp.


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