25 September 2012

I dunno!

That was my answer when my husband asked, "What is it?"

Sunday afternoon I came home from my mom's house with tripas.  She had put some aside for me and since she knew I liked them she called me to get some.  So I came home and was absentmindedly popping tripas in my mouth when I asked my mister, "Hey, you want some tripas?"
"What is it?"
"I dunno just come over here and try it."
He comes into the kitchen and pops one of these in his mouth:
I guess I am lucky my husband is an adventurous eater.

He ate one and walked away.  Instead of making tacos out of the tripas like I intended on, I just ate the little pieces like meat snacks while watching a movie.  I asked my husband if he wanted more and he said he really didn't like the taste.  Understandable, not everyone's tastes are the same.  I mean take me for example, I hate Ranch Dressing.

After he ate the one bite he was intending on eating, I told him that I thought it was cow guts or milk ducts or I dunno some kind of insides.  So I decided to consult the ever knowing internet.  And found out that tripas are in fact the small intestines of farm animals.  I don't know what farm animal the ones I ate came from.  But this is what they look like before they are cooked:
I wouldn't even know where to begin preparing these bad boys.

Now, having grown up eating this stuff, I don't find it gross at all.  But I can see how this may be a culinary adventure for some people.  I am glad the mister was adventurous enough to try tripas even though he probably won't again.  I am also equally happy that he didn't act like some people do when they try new food for the first time.  When I think about foods I ate as a youth I am glad I was introduced to different things.  I would hate to be one of those ninny's that is too afraid or picky to try new things.  Hell I grew up eating stuff like menudo, sesos, lengua and other yummy things.  I am sure in some cultures that is considered disgusting or odd.  Is there anything you had growing up that may be considered odd or gross to people you know now?

Anyhow, this is what my tripas were supposed to look like, had I not decided to be a lazy shit and eat them like a meat snack:
See, looks much more appealing right?

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