20 September 2012

Dear Mc Donalds #2,

Post-production title: Dear Susie, when will you learn?

On my  lunch break I decided to run to the optometrist to get my new glasses.  After I got my glasses I figured I would stop at my closest fast-food, filth-hole and you were the closest one.  I should have known better from previous experience that your sandwiches are terrible.  I should have ordered a soft-serve ice cream cone because you have yet to find a way to fuck that up.  But no, I was stupid again (or just maybe a little insane). I decided to try something I had not tried from your selection of over processed filth.  I wanted to try your Filet-O-Fish sandwich.
Light, flaky white fish.  Tangy tartar sauce and melty cheese.  A delicious favorite at 380 calories.
I should know better than to get mechanically-separated, fish patties from fast-food joints but as I have proven; insane.  So for the incredible deal of $3.49 for just one fast-food sandwich, you so graciously gave me this:

Yes, I know, you get what you pay for.  But I got robbed for this piece of crap!
I was NOT Lovin' It, I actually hated it so much I refused to eat it.  I even wrote your filth overlord a nasty-gram.  Not that it did any good.  I got a canned email basically saying, "We strive for excellence.  We will try better.  Come back soon, yay!"  In addition to hating it, I hated myself for being a retarded and going back to your filth hole of nasty.  I should have at least suffered a cheaper, better, filth hole. Or better yet packed a lunch even though I knew I had to run lunch errands.  Mc Donalds you need to change your new tag line to this:
Your dissatisfied customer that will probably return for reasons of mental instability not because you are any good. 

P.S. You guys fucking suck I hate you! >:( 

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