11 October 2012

Depth of field

... it's been done a million times.  I know this.  But I have never really tried to take pictures that required me to mess with the focal point.  I will share my favorite shot/s first.  

This was taken at the Vietnam Memorial in Capitol Park.  I thought I did okay with changing my focal point between the flowers and the memorial wall.  My next photo is my fail at depth of field.  It was also the memorial wall but I didn't like how it turned out.

I don't really enjoy the above shot partly because of the reflection on the stone causing me grief when trying to focus.  If the wall portion was wider I may have gotten a better shot.  But as you can see in the first photo, the panels are narrow and are at a slight angle.

Next I have my beer photos.  The first set is from the River City Brewing Company. These are my two 'win' photos, I think the first one is better than the second.

And here is my fail angle for the above beers.
In case anyone is wondering I was partial to the Vienna, it had a slightly sweet taste to it that kind of surprised me.  In case you care to know in order from furthest to closest is:  K Street Kolsch, Hefeweizen, Vienna, Cap City IPA, Woodenhead Ale (also a really tasty brew) and Black River Stout.

While in Sacramento I also went by the Pyramid Alehouse the first photo I took attempting depth of field is fail and you can see it here.
 I didn't really have much depth now did it?  Oh well it was my first attempt.  So from furthest to closest: Oktoberfest, Crystal Wheat Ale, Audacious Apricot (my fave in the group), Haywire Hefeweizen and finally Thunderhead IPA.  I generally like my samplers brought to me from lightest taste to strongest taste not all mixed up.  Starting with the strong beer first kinda robs you of the enjoyment of the lighter tasting beers.  Just my two cents.  Also my to-go sandwich was forgotten about until I finished my beers and had to hunt down some person that was not my server and show them my receipt for the sandwich they owed me.  I was going to vow to never return but they had so many other beers on their sampler I wanted to try the next day.  That brings me to the last group of pics.

Finally I have my super fails, I tried to take depth of field pictures at night in an unlit patio.  The pictures without flash I won't even share because you can't see anything.  So I tried out the flash which just made a mess I think.  I tried from two angles because I was having mostly dark beers.

 Since the above pictures were not satisfying I tried a flash shot full on.  This is what I got and I am only sharing it so I can list off the names of the beers I had not because it's a depth of field picture or even a very good one.
Starting from left to right:  Audacious Apricot (yes, again), Ink Blot (I got a growler of this stuff), Hum Bug'r, Noble Stout and Goose Bump.

All in all I would have much rather gotten a growler of the River City's Vienna.  Even though Pyramid offers a wide variety of beer, I liked River City's a bit more.

Taking pictures is tough.  I realized I don't have an eye for it.  I am not patient enough.  I need to learn how to better use my camera.  Any criticism (even if it's not too constructive) is greatly appreciated.  I have more pics I plan on posting from my trip to Sacramento.  I have some night shots, some structures and a set of macro shots.  Hope you come by to check those out as I upload them.

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