12 October 2012

Pretty Flowers

Up close and personal.  Here is my not so sad attempt at using the macro setting on my camera.  I probably should have taken pictures of more than JUST flowers but I had so many flowers at my disposal.  While strolling around in Capitol Park I walked through the World Peace Rose Garden.  Though I am not a fan of roses, the sight was wonderful and the smell was otherworldly.  Did you know that roses are the official flower of the United States?

 This is my favorite shot of all of the flowers I took pictures of.  Read on and you can see the rest that made the cut in order of which I liked the best to the least.

 In the two above the shadows made it a bit tricky for the pictures to be clear, least I think so.  It was hard to find flowers that were either in full shade or in full light.  I found lots of partially shadowy flowers.

 The sun gave me grief with this picture.  It completely washes out the lower right corner of the shot. 

I didn't really like this picture even though I really liked the flower.  It lacks depth and definition I think... it looks like a 2-d painting than a photo of a 3-d object.  

I am really sorry I didn't write down the names of the roses I photographed.  That was really foolish of me as all the roses on display had name placards next to them.  Walking through the garden was quite peaceful and quiet.

"We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power.  Then will our world know the blessing of peace."
- Willam Ewart Gladstone

And finally I am adding this really crappy picture of a squirrel.
I have a new found respect for photographers that shoot (photograph) moving animals.  Or animals in general.  This was the only shot I was able to get of this silly squirrel.  It's not a great picture but I am satisfied that after numerous attempts I was able to get a semi-clear picture instead of a blurry, Bigfoot type shot.  Curse you squirrel, curse you!!!

Comments and criticism is very much welcomed.  How can I learn if I am not critiqued, right?

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