01 November 2012

Why is Susie lagging at blog posts? - Part 1

When I'm not busy complaining about first world problems, I am off enjoying the first world amenities.  Friday the mister and I drove down to Costa Mesa in preparation for my brother-in-laws wedding.  

Pilfered from Westin

The place was pretty damn impressive!  Halloween had yet to happen so we didn't get to see the gigantic X-mas tree all lit up.  I guess not everyone is in Christmas Creep mode yet.  I assume it's quite a sight to see when lit up from our window.

View from the 11th floor.
Not sure if the heat and dry air caused me to have bloody noses and sinus pain.  Or if it was that smoggy stuff that caused me grief.  I kid you not on our departure (even though I was sick with the flu) once we descended the hill into Camarillo the air felt cooler and my nose felt slightly better.

My favorite place to sit while at the Westin was by their bar, outside at night.  It was cool, moist and the view was relaxing.  

Excuse my wobbly camera skills.  The stairs at the end of the video lead up to the pool.  I stayed away from the pool, I didn't feel like adding heat stroke to my already heat battered brain.

For the rehearsal dinner that night we ate at Sandy's Beach Grill in Huntington Beach.  I am currently using my sisters point-click camera because my good one met it's demise about a week ago.  This was pretty much our view from where we sat except it was night so you couldn't really see too much outside.
Stolen from Sandy's Beach Grill
This is the view of the parking lot the following morning.  At least you can see the day was nice and still early for the thousands of beach bums that crowd Southern California Beaches; thank god we got outta dodge fast!

Logged miles: 230

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