30 November 2012

Buildings are pretty too!

While in San Francisco I got a few shots of some buildings.  Some are okay, some not so okay.  A few of them came out hazy because I snapped them through the windshield of the car. Don't judge me!  So here ya go, a few buildings in San Francisco.

Transamerica Pyramid; tallest skyscraper in San Fran.  I just happened to be walking by it so I snagged this shot.

Pier 35

Driving back into San Fran from Fairfield.  I love my tunnels!

Shot of the city from the Bay Bridge

Driving into the city on the Bay Bridge

Hubby snapped this one while I was driving.  Notice the dirt spec in the sky, that's a dirty windshield.

Up close shot of the previous shot.

I don't know what building this is, sorry, but it does look cool.

Dome on city hall, sorry about the haze.

That tease of a place that closed early.  Pretty good for a point-click and no tripod.  I expected more blur.

Me saying farewell to San Francisco's traffic.

Currently, the weekend is about to start for me.  I have a few Secret Santa presents to buy, hostess gift and birthday gift to buy.  I hate shopping, especially during the holidays.  I have decided I need to get myself an eggnog latte and spike the ever living hell out of it with brandy.  That should make my shopping experience tolerable.  Probably hilarious as one of my sisters will be accompanying me.  I had mentioned to my sis that I was thinking of trying a juice fast.  Originally I intended on doing so after the holidays but since she wants to start hitting the gym on the first, maybe starting Sunday we can start our juice fast.
If you have seen Fat Sick & Nearly Dead then you may be familiar with the type of fast I am doing.  Our goal is to successfully complete the 15 day classic reboot.  The fast consists of 5 days fruit/veggie only diet, 5 days of juicing only and the last 5 days on a fruit/veggie diet.  Is it going to be difficult?  Fuck yea it is!  During the fast I have a list of no-no's that would make any grown man cry.  Well I know I am weeping a little over the no-no list.  I have never tried fasting before so maybe the benefits outweigh the nightly cry I will have over a meat the mister is munching on while I consume rabbit food.

  • Sulfured dried fruits
  • Refined sugars
  • Processed anything
  • White flours
  • Fried anything
  • Booze (I know right, how will I survive?!)
  • Meat (I know, I know!)
  • Dairy (How will I live without cheese?)
  • Caffeine
My mister things this whole fast is nothing but rubbish.  I am sure others think the same as well, but it's something worth a try.  If I find that it helps with some of the gastro issues I have had over the past two years then it's worth it.  And in the long run it's cheaper to eat healthy than to cough up a couple grand to have a scope peek around my innards to see what's causing pain.  I am glad my sis is doing this with me, I think it will be good for her too.  Updates as they come, though I expect mostly whining about how everyone is eating holiday cookies and spiked egg nog.

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