08 November 2012

Why is Susie lagging at blog posts? - Part 4

I couldn't wait to get on the road again... because the life I love is sleeping in my bed.  Oh I couldn't wait to be on the road again.
I woke up sicker than a dog Monday morning.  The plan was to stay one more night in Garden Grove and stay with one of Joey's family members.  But the heat from the previous day and my flu (the beer probably didn't help) had other plans.  Not to mention the A/C dried out my throat and sinuses so bad, I just wanted to die!  So we decided to meet up with Joey's dad for a quick lunch before hitting the road again. I was weary about lunch because breakfast didn't go so well.  Anyone remember Lard-ass?

One of the things I like most about Joey's dad is having a nice sit down meal and good conversation.  I was so bummed out that I wasn't feeling well because I like talking to his dad.  He met with us in Garden Grove after we checked out of the hotel and asked us where we wanted to eat.  We had the choice of Oggi's Pizza and Brewing Company, Joe's Crab Shack, Outback Steakhouse or Red Robin. Of the choices I KNEW that Red Robin had French Onion Soup so that's what we ended up going with.  I felt like such a tool but I would have hated going to eat someplace that I wasn't familiar with to find out that their soups would have made my tummy revolt against me.  So, ya seen one Red Robin, ya' seen 'em all.

Pilfered from yelp.
 The watery soup and cooler air inside did help me feel a tad better but that was all for nothing the second I stepped outside.  After we said our goodbyes I assumed we were off toward home.  And then I noticed we were heading northeast instead of northwest.  Being curious, I had to know what the heck was going on.  I just wanted to go home.... anything in the wrong direction prolonged the road trip.  Well as it turned out my hubs had to show me the house he lived in when he was younger.  He lived in Anaheim for a while so we took a pit-stop and he took a few pictures of the place he used to call home.

After the long drive home, I was able to finally get the rest I needed in my own bed.  I snuggled my dogs and my blankets and slept the flu off that I had been suffering from.  I ended up sick longer than anticipated and was unable to return to work until Wednesday.  Coincidentally it was the same day the mister came down with the amazing flu of death.  On the bright side, I did come back to work to a present on my desk.

Sorry for the shitty image.
It's a thank you note for always being cheerful and happy to help.  I actually get emails from time to time telling me that my empathy to their computer issues makes it easy for me to call for help.  I guess that's good.  I could be a total bitch and that wouldn't really help anyone in the long run. 

Logged Miles: 198

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