25 November 2012

The Hundred Dollar Store

That damn store you can never go to and escape with spending any less than a hundred dollars!

What store could she be talking about?
It must be some high end boutique.

No, no.  I'm talking about THIS:

I visit COSTCO on the rare occasion that my family has to go there and I happen to tag along.  I can't justify paying for a membership to a store that sells stuff in bulk.  In all honesty I think the only things I would buy in bulk is toilet paper or maybe my dogs food.  I don't even know if they carry dog food.  But really who needs a box of this:

Eighteen cans of mystery pieces of meat that are processed into what smells like dog food.  Did I mention it comes packed in the can filled with gelatinous nasty stuff?  It's pretty much dog food with spices and salt as far as I am concerned.  I wouldn't personally feed this to my dogs as it is almost 85 percent fat.  Really though the only people that should be going to COSTCO are people with 4+ kids at home that have to be fed ( I suppose you HAVE to feed kids) or businesses that need to stock up on crap to run their business.

Aside from the unnecessary items you can buy in bulk, COSTCO offers samplings of their food products.

The last time I visited the COSTCO, I counted at least 14 sample booths that were swarmed by unattended children (that I so desperately wanted to kick) and portly folk that didn't need a pre-dinner snack.  Not only were some of these people just swarming, they were doing so mindlessly. 

I got scalded by hot coffee.

Yeah, some woman set her hot coffee sample on a box, in her cart, while trying to procure yet another sample and knocked burning lava onto me.  I had my thick jacket on and it still smarted!  I threw an angry glance and walked to the sample booth to dry my myself off.  I rounded the corner and the woman apologized profusely, I let her know I was okay not to worry.  But had I not been wearing my jacket I would have blistered from the burn.  I politely advised her to keep her hot coffee in her hands and not on unstable objects.  I was pretty mad that these people are so greedy to get a fucking sample of free crap that they have no regard for anyone else. 

I was annoyed with the place but my family was still meandering their way through the warehouse.  All I could do was look around and feel slightly terrified that I already live in the land of Idiocracy.  I felt a surge of panic and defeat because I had to wait for my family to finish their shopping excursion.

Last 2 SF post coming up next... had to get the anger at COSTCO off my chest. 

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