06 November 2012

Why is Susie lagging at blog posts? - Part 3

The big day!
"Time to wake up sleepy head, your brother is getting married today." - me

Mister is being a sleepy bum.

So we rousted ourselves up, gathered our belongings and headed off to the Sheraton in Garden Grove.  Though it was not as fancy schmancy as the Westin it was still comfy and nice.

Pilfered from Sheraton

 It was a really warm day and this is the day I started to feel grumpy and my flu was kicking in pretty good.  I did not care for any family stress due to pre-wedding drama.  I just wanted to sit in the shade and nap.  My room didn't have the view facing Disneyland boo!!!

Enough about where I was battling the start of my flu, on to the main event!
Amy and Dave's wedding at the Red Horse Barn.  I am going to be really honest and let you all know that I pilfered these from a family member because I felt pretty crappy most of the wedding.  The heat of the day zapped the energy out of me.  Not to mention my throat and nose felt on fire from the fever I was running and the dry weather.
Dave and Amy's save the date post card.
My niece Audra was a flower girl.
My nephew Dane was a very worried and nervous ring bearer.

Exchanging vows.
The unity sand ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson having their first kiss.
The cake cutting.  They didn't make a cakey face mess of themselves; keepin' it classy.
Dancing into the night as Mr. and Mrs.
 Congrats Dave and Amy!

There should be some more pictures coming as soon as the professional photographer gets them to the newlyweds.  I think I only exist in one of them only because I am married to Dave's brother.  Otherwise I like to stay out of wedding pictures.  After a nice evening celebrating it was time to head back to the hotel and rest our pretty little heads.  Just as we got to the hotel, the perfect way to end the perfect day, fireworks from Disneyland.  They were visible from the parking lot, right outside the lobby.  I was really envious of the view from the hotel rooms facing that direction.

This isn't my video but this is pretty much how close and visible the fireworks show was.

Logged Miles: 38

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