20 November 2012

Walking the Bridge

  My little sister made a list, she really likes making lists.  One of her lists is 30 by 30; she picked 30 goals she wants to meet before she turns 30 next year.  I would love to say she will accomplish them all but I think she may fall short on a few.  Which in my eyes is totally okay because she will complete most goals and will be a home owner very soon.  Buying a home was not on her 30 by 30 list and since buying a home is costly (and time consuming/stressing), she may not be able to do the whole list.  One of her goals was to walk the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  So off we went to tick an item off of her list, with mom in tow.  Rain was in the weather prognosticator's report but looks like we scared the rain away.

Our walk started at the opposite end of the bridge.  After a few good shots from this angle we walked on back.

There was some construction going on the south end of the bridge so we ended up (I missed the exit) driving to the north end of the bridge and parking at Vista Point.  Parking at the north side of the bridge is free for 4 hours and there are public bathrooms.  However if you are planning to drive back into San Francisco you will have to pay the troll toll.  It was seven dollars to drive back into San Francisco. 

View from the Vista Point parking area.

A little marina you can see from the Vista Point parking area.

A glare-y view of San Francisco from the north side of the bridge.

I guess bridges like people have their good side.  This was the view of the bridge from the north side.  I would say it's south side is more photogenic.

iPhone picture of the Lone Sailor Memorial.
Once we got done snapping pictures around Vista Point we started our trek across the bridge.  It was cold and windy but it was a really nice walk.

My sister clocked her running speed.

Crisis phone, you know in case you need to be talked off of the bridge.  It's not that hard to jump off of this bridge if you so choose (hmm, I guess I didn't need to share that bit).

One third of the way across.

Silver anniversary plaque

Construction plaque

My mom and I after we made it across the bridge.  My lips are making ugly face, the wind was very chapping.
While walking the bridge I noticed a few areas that have chain-link fence.  And on the fence I saw a few locks and I was curious as to what the deal is with the locks.  I guess they are love/wish locks.  I didn't bother researching it much but you can see the wiki on the phenomena here.  I thought they were cute so I took pictures of some.

And I was able to track down another tourist to get a picture of all three of us posing for the typical San Francisco tourist picture.  In all the times I have been to San Francisco this is the first time I have gone to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge. 

My, my mom and my sister Lily before heading back across the bridge to the car.

And now for the latest installment in Black Friday chaos... I am seeing a trend with the types of consumers that shop at Walmart.

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