05 June 2013

Get over yourself!

Not the same girl.
But the driver of the car was wearing a derp face, glasses without lenses and a knitted hat.

'Yeah, you driving in the car with the headlights off, get over yourself and pay attention!'

After doing my sister's nails last night she was driving me to meet the mister at the gas station.  On our way there, a vehicle was driving behind us with it's headlights off.  So in an effort to annoy the driver into flashing their high-beams and realizing their lights weren't even on; sis was driving 10 mph under the speed limit.  You would think in California, land of the impatient driver (famous for the California Roll), the person behind us would have become impatient and flashed us.  Nope.

Too cool for school hipster woman was too busy, probably high as fuck, probably talking about how cute guys are with Paul Bunyan beards and flannels with her equally oblivious gal pal.  By now there is a third car on the road.  Hipster mobile was between our truck and another car.  There were two guys in the other car trying to get the girl's attention about their lights.  And these hipster buffoons think they are getting hit on.  So they are giggling, shaking their heads at the guys and looking our direction.  So I point to their car and make motion that their lights need to be turned on.

These self absorbed hipsters probably thought they were getting hit on by girls now because the lights didn't go on.  They just sat at the light flailing about like morons.  We were turning left so, we left the idiots to fall into a drug induced paranoia that the guys next to them were going to follow them for raping or something.  Fucking idiots... so self absorbed that they thought all the waving, pointing and gesturing was about them and not the car.  Some people really just should not be allowed to drive, let alone breathe.  Women drivers do really sucks.... hipster ones even more so cause they apparently don't know or think they do.  They just think people are trying to pick up on them while they lay waste to other cars.

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