01 May 2012

So upset, I am shaking!

I woke up today in a great mood.  On my list of things to do:
  • Go to work.
  • Go to the courthouse and pay my fine like a responsible person who fucks up is supposed to do.
  • Get my dogs some flea medicine and food.
  • Go back to work.
  • Fix up lasagnas tonight to give to a few people that have been promised some.
I got done with line item number two when an old lady decided she didn't believe in cars.  So she flung her car door open, full force and now my silver Camry has green on it.  2 things:  1 the paint is still fresh on her car.  Hmm she must do this often.  2; did she not fucking learn the first time?!

"Oh my god!  I am so sorry.  I didn't see your car."

How the hell does one not see a huge ass silver Camry?  She parked right next to me!!!! Then proceeded to throw her car door open like the inside of her car was on fire.  Really lady?  Give up your license.  You are too old and obviously blind to boot!


Okay okay, well I decided to feed my pain.  Or rather calm my nerves after the 'Little Old Lady from Pasadena' destroyed my car, I was going to eat fast food.  Yeah, I am an emotional eater, so what?!

I love Wendy's.  Specifically dipping their french fries in the frosty.   It's bad for you.  I don't eat it often but once a month when I get my dogs more food and treats.  I treat myself.

Since it's lunch time, I figured.  I will get the kids cheeseburger meal.  Because kids meals come with a drink AND a frosty right?   WRONG!!!

Since when?!  I dunno.  I remember going with my grandma to Wendy's to have fries and a frosty as a kid.  I remember when Wendy's went away how sad I was over it.  I remember when Wendy's came back and how over joyed I was to have the tasty, salty, sweet snack that was fries and frosty.

So my day went from bad to worse.  I tried to feed my pain but was denied.  All I wanted was my damn kids cheeseburger meal WITH a frosty!!!!  I know, looks nasty but damn it you only live once.  What use is it to be 100 years old and healthy if you are miserable.  No point, so let me feed my pain.

At first I thought it was the typical error the idiot employees at Wendy's make.  So I politely asked about the frosty.  (Mind you they had already messed up my order by trying to give me a Crispy Chicken Sandwich, then tried to push off some Chicken Nuggies on me.  Uh, no I ordered a cheeseburger.)  The woman at the counter then proceeds to break my little heart by telling me you don't get a frosty with your kids meal.  It's just not a thing.  You can order a frosty as your drink but you can't get a frosty AND a drink.

Has anyone ever tried to drink a frosty straight from Wendy's?  You know without leaving it time to melt down to a consistency that you can drink?  Trust me I have tried, it gives you a head ache and you end up with a straw lodged with frosty or with a super, sexy, frosty, mustache that would make Tom Sellek jealous.  I am now sitting at work looking at their menu in disbelief.  I want to THROW a table.

Some days I just think it is wiser to go back to bed.  Today is one of those days.  I can't even throw a fucking table because I am at work.  I have to be Susie Help Desk.... and not let anyone know how fucking enraged I am at today.  I just wanted to get dog food and buy a fucking frosty with my fries.  I don't even know if I will get around to lasagna making.  I may just call it a day and go to bed early in hopes of tomorrow not sucking ass.

Yeah I know I coulda just ordered a frosty to have WITH my lunch but that defeats the point of my ordering a kids meal at all.  *sigh* So in addition to hating women drivers, I hate OLD women drivers too.  I will say, I am very lucky that I didn't have a passenger because they would have been destroyed had they tried to open the car door.  And also Wendy's I hope you burn in hell!  >:(  Dave Thomas would not be pleased with you all!!!!

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