30 May 2012

More cannibalism?!

And I thought dubstep was a bad trend!!!  Ok, ok dubstep sucks and so does cannibalism.  What the hell is going on out there?!

Last week I was shocked about consenting cannibalism.  This week it gets better.  Or worse?  Worse.
Crazy-ass fucker, high on 'bath salts' eats off another man's face.   (Well at least they assume he was high on bath salts.)  So this naked guy was eating another naked man's face!!!  I guess a new type of LSD called 'bath salts' is causing some insane crazy behavior.  INSANE!  They had to shoot the face eater several times before he finally went down.  Anyone remember PCP and it's effects?  Sounds to me like this new drug is more like PCP than LSD

Here is what I think happened.  I think homeless dude and Rudy (that's the name of the eater) got a hold of some bath salts to have a good time.  Both got nude, as the drug causes body temp to go up, and Rudy lost it and began munching away on the homeless guys face.  I am assuming the homeless guy didn't fight him off because he was in his own little drug induced la-la land. 

This sort of reminds me of Hannibal when he has Mason Verger sniff something and then has him feed his face to the dog.  That's what this story reminds me of.  That homeless dude (if he was on drugs and I think he was) will say: "Seemed like a good idea at the time."  EDIT: According to the surveillance video Ronald Poppo was sleeping in the shade when he was attacked.  Rudy ripped Ronald's clothes off and beat the crap out of him before commencing his feast.

A 56-year old man, according to the Chinese news was arrested for serial killings.  The article mentions nothing of the man eating or feeding the human remains to anyone else.  I went in search of a few other news sources; one mentions the man chopping up the bodies to feed his dogs and to sell as 'ostrich meat'.  Hmm no mention if he was eating the meat though.  So I dig a little deeper because most of the Chinese websites reporting on this had been taken down by Friday.  Japan reported a little snippet of the news on this site and here is what the Magical Google Translate says:

" 56-year-old man has been arrested in Yunnan Province, China.Arrested were suspect Yong Zhang, Ming (age 56).

   According to the Ministry of Public Security of China said that there is much evidence that the suspects killed the 11 men in 2008. According to reports, the suspect had been cut to pieces the bodies burned to hide the traces of the crime.
   The AFP reported that the suspect had been for Zhang eat the flesh of dead bodies were cut, and had been referred to as "demon cannibalism" in China. State-run Xinhua News Agency, China has not been told anything about this addition.  
  The AFP noted that, in China for human edible meat has been banned in the era of industrialization in the 1950s, China's state-owned communication and may have been deliberately hidden For more information about the incident."
I don't know about you but that type of media cover up is crazy.  Yes, it happens all the time but that's another story for another time.  I just want to know what's up with cannibal stories all within the last few days?  I will have to say my post last week is nothing compared to the stuff that happened in Miami and China.  In these cases there were no willing participants other than the person perpetuating the crime.  Are people just going crazy or is it an impending zombie apocalypse?

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