25 May 2012

He did what with his junk?!?!?!?!

He cut it off!
He had his penis and testicles surgically REMOVED.

Who the hell does that shit?
Mao Sugiyama did it.  
And ya know what he did with his removed naughty bits?
Stop reading right here if you are easily grossed out.

He cooked his genitals and served them up for dinner for about $250 dollars a plate.

I don't know if his junk was served with a nice Chianti but I do know it was served with mushrooms and parsley.

In what universe is this okay?

Cannibalism is illegal in the United States but according to wiki it is rare and NOT illegal in most countries.  According to this article he did this to raise awareness about sexual minorities.  To me it sounds like he was trying to cover the cost of his transgender surgery.  He had been tested for cooties before having his junk removed and then had it frozen for storage until the day of the feast.  This article shows pictures of the prepared dick and balls, I warn you it's pretty intense. 

Okay, I get that this is a legal thing to do in Japan.  Lots of stupid shit (child porn) is legal in Japan.  Ethically I question a doctor that would give a removed organ to a patient for future consumption by HUMANS.  How is that okay?  I don't have a problem with the transgender community or the procedure but giving removed organs to patients to be eaten later.  WHY?!  It's medical waste, it's wrong!

What happened to the Hippocratic Oath or the Oath of Maimonides?  Okay how about the Declaration of Geneva or the teachings of Sun Simiao?  What am I to think of Japanese doctors now?  What about Japanese doctors that come to practice in the United States?  Should I only seek doctors that only follow Geneva or American standards?  That would be unfair to all doctors out there in all honesty.  That the actions of one country with one doctor should affect my thoughts regarding other doctors.  I really shouldn't question doctors as they are "supposed" to be there to help.  But articles like this make me really think about doctors and what they do for the money.  **In case anyone is wondering my doctor for the last 10 years is Japanese.  And I love her dearly she is a great doctor.** 

I guess if I look at this story from another angle.  It is no different than the plastic surgeons who sometimes cause more harm than good by modifying people's bodies for aesthetics.  I think I am just reeling from all angles on this news story.  Cannibalism and ethics.  And ultimately wondering about how often doctors all over the world may be removing parts surgically for future human consumption.  All right all right I am off my soap box.

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