15 May 2012

Bad hair days.

EVERYONE has them.  I have friends that always seem to have great hair days but even they complain about having bad hair days from time to time.  I never notice it being a bad hair day, their hair always looks so nice!

I used to think the older I got, the easier it would be to style my hair.  It hasn't gotten any easier.  And today I found out that it just won't get any easier.  I had gone into the break room at work and over heard a conversation a few ladies were having over hair.

You know when you have just had your hair done.  Your hair person gives you your cut (sometimes color) and then styles your hair.  It always looks so sassy and cute!  And then after you wash it you try to recreate the look and you just fail.

My hair after my hair gal got done with it.  Nice and combed.

 My hair on every consecutive day after the hair gal.  Looks like a 2 year olds.

A lady in the break room, an older lady (older than me but not super old, god that sounds bad... she wasn't old at all maybe a few years older... more foot in my mouth never mind, lets just say she has more years on this Earth to fuss over hair therefore more experience) was complaining about not being able to recreate the look of the hair salon.  Her hair I thought looked very cute, she cut a whole bunch off.  I thought to myself, "Oh great!  I will never achieve mastery over hair tools and products!"

So I just now realized there are people who just have a knack for hair and those who don't.  (The same applies to make-up which is why I hate wearing it.  Clown face anyone?  No thanks!)  My hair is the longest it has been in years a few inches past the top of my shoulders.  And you guessed it, it's pulled back in two little pony tails. 

I am trying SOOOO hard to grow my hair out for a wedding I will be in this July.  It's tough work because I am known to lop off my own hair when I get fed up with it.  I don't necessarily want to have my hair looking like this at the wedding or my face for that matter.  What the hell was I doing?!

My husband has strict instructions to keep the scissors away from my hair from my hair gal.  I really wish I had the knack for making my hair look grown up.  Instead of looking like some 5 year old child with mommy issues hair.  Is there some special girl class that was held during my high school years that I missed because I was too busy taking academic classes?  I know they offered Home Economics but I didn't take it since I knew how to cook and sew.  They also had some strange class where you take care of and carry a fake baby around for a few weeks.  I don't know what the purpose of that class was.  Was that the class they teach you how to curl your lashes with a spoon, style your hair and drive to the welfare office while applying mascara in your Escalade (don't get me started on this topic, see pic below)?  Because if that's the case I am glad I didn't take it but I really wish I could make my hair presentable!  Stupid hair!  As soon as the wedding is over I think Revenge of The Scissors has to happen.

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