04 May 2012

Buying Local Buy Fresh

In an effort to support my community, eat more produce and eat organic; I decided to stop buying produce at the chain grocery stores in my area.  A friend of mine mentioned last year that she was getting a box/bag full of organic, local grown, produce on a weekly basis from the Blosser Urban Garden.  There were a few times when she got some items that were not going to be used in her house and I took that opportunity to have organic at home (Thanks Amy!).  I really liked the produce and figured, heck I will give it a try myself.

So this year I signed up.  I am only getting the produce bimonthly.  There is no possible way my husband and I could eat all of the produce in time if we got the goods weekly!  Here is what I got just this last week:

 This is almost all of it.  I also got radishes, oranges, organic coffee and a bag of spring mix for salads.  I think my favorite part is that the produce I get is a surprise!  I never know what I will be getting.  That may be daunting for some but I am up to the cooking challenge to make something wonderful with what I have.  I should be on Iron Chef: Lazy Video Gamer Edition
I don't have to get my next batch of fresh goodness until next Monday, but I am finding that eating better means taking more time than I am used to devoting to daily cooking.  I love to cook everyone knows this.  But I generally cook a feast that takes 2 hours from start to finish maybe 2 or 3 times a week.  That's finde and dandy when you don't have produce that is fresh and in fear of going bad.  So what is it that keeps my time occupied?  Video games!  Yes, I said video games.  I have a lovely co-worker with a son about my age that works as a game developer.  So guess what I get quite often, go on, guess.  I don't even have to tell you!
That's the most recent batch.  I don't think I have purchased a game in at least a year.  My addiction is being fed by my co-worker.  There goes my time!  But I was a smart cookie last night.  Instead of jumping in head first into hours of game play, I made dinner.  I knew if I didn't I would end up eating microwaved corn dogs at 11pm or having soup.  I have fresh food in my fridge, I had to cook up something.  Even if it was just something quick and simple.  So I decided to make a chef salad (minus tomatoes, I ran out and none came in my organic bag) and french bread pizza!
I am not sure why my plate looks oval because it's round.  But there is my creation!  Spring mix, onion, salami, ham, provolone, Parmesan, radishes and egg for my salad.  My cheater pizzas have sauce that I had left over from my lasagna making night, onion, garlic, ground turkey, mozzarella and Parmesan.  Easy peasy AND it didn't take long to make.  So you know what that meant?  Time I could better spend on other things like oh, I dunno... GAMES!

My goal for this week is to make sure I use up all of the produce I got last Monday that is in the fridge.  I think I might be able to use it all with a little planning and self control.  The games.....they....they call to me!

Note to self:  Remember to get tomatoes at the store.  Salads and sandwiches have been lonely as of late!

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