03 May 2012

Fat Attack Part Zwei

In a previous post I promised a few more pictures of food and beverages from Germany.  After reviewing the pictures my sister had it seems that it's mostly beverages not so much food.  So for your viewing pleasure I will start with something that is familiar but not so familiar.

Mc Donald's in Germany serves curly fries.  We had to find a place to stop so I could pee (my tiny bladder strikes again).  So while we stopped so I could relieve myself, we decided to get some curly fries.  Just to say we got curly fries from Mc D's.  While looking at their menu I was very tempted to have a McFlurry.  They are actually called McFlurry Cornett.  They offer it in three flavors, not a single one has nasty ass American candy or cookies in it.  They have Chocolate which is chocolate ice cream mixed with chocolate sauce, waffle crumbles and hazelnuts.  Their second choice is called Royal Amarena; this one is vanilla ice cream with cherry sauce, hazelnuts and waffle crumbles.  Finally they have Red Berry; vanilla ice cream, waffle crumbles, hazelnuts and waldfruchtsauce (roughly translates to forest fruit sauce).  The menu shows a picture of blueberries and raspberries, so I am thinking this is similar to the triple berry combo in the US minus the strawberry.

First off I want to say, Germany is known for it's beer.  They like to serve their beer.  I got denied when I asked for a martini.  So a bar menu was procured for me.  As luck would have it they served both Black Russians and White Russians.  My sister opted for the White Russian and I opted for it's darker sibling (Sylvia if you are reading this.  Our roles were reversed!).  I digress; two tall glasses were brought out and my eyes lit up.  I thought I was gonna get a decent sized drink without having to ask for it in a tall glass like I ask for back home.  I like to drink, don't judge me!  I hate the tiny glasses that take you two sips to polish off.  I watched the server pour in the Kahlua, vodka and before he topped it off, walked away and came back.  And then HE POURED COCA COLA INTO MY DRINK!  I didn't ask for a soda pop!  WTF?!  I looked slightly puzzled at my sister.  Then they made her drink, no cola.  But it was mostly milk in her White Russian.  This was our first night there, we were suddenly very home sick for our bartenders back home.  **Story about the bar patrons at this place (Euro Youth Hostel) coming soon!  Stay tuned.**

The above two pictures are from Scotch 'N' Soda.  We had my sister's birthday dinner here.  The food was fabulous.  She had some meaty steak plate with a side of mashers and veggies.  And as an after dinner (and drinks) drink, she had the most expensive Scotch in the house.  Highland Park 30 Year Old yowza the cost of the drink was insane.  Was it worth it?  I think so, it was her birthday!  It's like a $300 bottle of scotch my sister had just a wee dram of!!!

So a friend of mine told me that if I was going to Amsterdam I had to try Apfelkorn.  Or as the bottle says Apfel mit Korn.  While in Bonn checking out Haribo I told my sister we should get some booze to soak some gummi bears in.  As luck would have it down the street from the Haribo store we spotted a Trinkgut (BevMo in Germany is my guess). My sister and I went into the store and while she was making the purchase I went outside.
As my sister comes out of the store chuckling she tells me her story of what transpired inside.  She gets to the front of the line and the cashier asks her something akin to, persönliche Identifikationsnummer.  My sister just stared on blankly and says, "Umm, what? Uhh," in her defense, the woman spoke very quickly.  My sister and I could grasp a good amount of German, when spoken slowly.  So the woman behind her shouts, "Passport!"  Oh, duh!  So my sister hands over the passport.  The cashier takes a look at it, looks at my sis and looks at the passport again and then says, "Oh!....Oh!" and politely hands it back realizing now that my sister is no where under age.  (Legal drinking age for beer in Germany is 16, for liquor it is 18.  My sister had just celebrated her 27th birthday just days before that!)
My sister has been carded since we have been back stateside.  However, it's not the same feeling.  While in Germany we didn't see any of the posters that say if you look younger than 39.5 you will get carded.  Plus the legal age here is 21.  She actually got mistaken for someone younger than 18!  Awesome! Even though I didn't have this in Amsterdam, I am still glad I got to have some.  It was so yummy, totally a hangover drink, it's super sweet.  But it was very good and mixed with a little apple soda it's really tasty.

These two pictures are from when we had Kölsch beer and had pork knuckle for dinner in Cologne.  My sister was smart enough to take a photo of how they keep track of the beers you have ordered.  See the coaster?  On the coaster right along the edge where it says FRUH, those are pen marks from the server.  This worked exceptionally well because if another server came by to fill us up, all he had to do was put a little pen line on our coaster.  So when you are done with your meal and beverages, the server that is bringing the check will know how many beers to charge you for.  It works on the honor system!  It would have been easy to replace the coaster with another (a whole stack was on the table) and just put less pen marks on that at some point during dinner.  But that would have been god awful, I imagine they don't run into the problem very often.

During one of our last exhausted days in Germany we stopped in to eat at Cafe Lebens Art.  I hate to admit it but for the price their food was crap.  We didn't even take pictures of our food.  We shared currywurst and potato soup.  It was flavorless and very terrible.  If you ever go to Berlin, this place is on Under den Linden a few blocks from Brandenburg Gate.  Avoid it!

Well that pretty much concludes all the food and drinks we had in Germany.  I am hoping to have some pics cropped and complied about the many different crosses we encountered on our trip and also our concentration camp visit.  I think it's a bit still to fresh in my mind to want to blog about.  It was not a very happy place.

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