22 May 2012

Bunny! Bunny!

I guess I haven't really been in the mood to write much this last week.  And I really don't much feel like it right now.  Maybe I am in a funk, maybe something is on my mind.  But I figure I can throw some pictures up of Usagi while with me in Germany.  At least until I lost him on Easter, I lost him at the train station in Wiesbaden.

Originally Usagi was supposed to come with me to Germany and he was supposed to help me chronicle my journey using MobilyTrip.  I had a test run with the app before I left and it seemed like it would do well to track my journey and to post pictures of where I was along the way.  Well it failed me, so now I will load the pictures the hard way (or rather easy way since the app was utter shit).

There he is in my backpack smiling with my sister as we depart for the bus station.  The bus station is only a few blocks from where I live, so we walked there... our journey had begun.
Waiting for the bus ride to the airport.  Little did I know the horrors that would await us taking the Greyhound.  I want to say that I will never take a bus ride again.... but that would probably make a liar out of me.  Maybe next time a few drinks before the ride to help me fall asleep during the ride.
Afternoon snack on the bus ride down to Los Angeles, luckily I ate my snacks before the strange French man dropped the deuce that would be my destruction in the bus potty.  Barf!
Ungodly hour in the morning at the Delta terminal at Los Angeles International Airport.  It was so quiet there!  I really should have napped but I had a hard time doing so.  As the trip wore on I got really good at napping on train rides though.
A very long corridor at ungodly hour in the morning.  Yes, you can't tell but I was in an airport.  I don't know where everyone else was.  It felt like I should have been in a FPS killing zombies or something.  (Of course in my pajamas!  I was not about to spend a zillion hours in a plane having my clothes get all wrinkly and covered in airplane food crumbs.)
Finally seated and ready to get to Germany.  I slept off an on because I was so dang tired from work the previous day, a bus ride and sitting around all night at the airport.  It doesn't take long to develop the skill of sleeping while sitting up.

Walking from Hohenschwangau Castle on a path to start the ascent to Neuschwanstein Castle.  It was super crisp out which was rather nice because the hike would have warmed us too much had it been a sunny day.
Usagi posing with fresh cut flowers at a restaurant we ate at in Munich.  I found many restaurants had fresh cut flowers and since I am a fan of tulips I had to snap a pic.
Usagi's breakfast beer at our hostel in Munich before departing for a day of sightseeing.  It was a very long day for all of us.

Cobblestone paths were my downfall in Germany.  I have a weak ankle due to previous injuries to it (ah to be young and careless).  The combination of cobblestone walk ways, poor footwear support and the bitter cold made walking so unbearable!  Pretty much after this day, I had to wrap it for the remainder of my trip.  (My foot is still swollen and I have limited mobility still!  Over a month ago!)

Some statues that were hungry for rabbit.  We obviously looked like silly tourist.  A few people chuckled at my sister and I stuffing Usagi into the statue's mouths before backing up to take a picture.
Breakfast again!  We had more than beer!  In Munich it seemed common to have a beer with your breakfast.  When in Rome, right?

We had a very empty train ride from Frankfurt to Wiesbaden.  And this would be the last time I saw Usagi.  Craziness ensued at the train station.  Between my sister having to pee so bad I took her bags while she ran off for a place to pee, my broken foot hobble and the excitement of seeing April.... I lost Usagi.  He some how managed to hop out of my backpack and into the hands of someone else.  We had not gotten very far and I back tracked but someone had already claimed him as their own.  The train station was not very busy as it was Easter Sunday but someone took my Usagi home with them.  I was so sad, I shed a little secret tear walking back to meet up with my sister and our friends.  But that was not the end of the bunnies, they were taunting me!!!!
They were everywhere!!!  A poster on a street corner advertising a club party in Wiesbaden.  It was laughing at me, I know it.  "Haha you lost your little travel rabbit and sleep time buddy!"
In a children's store front in Wiesbaden while out walking around the town.  The white one was looking knowingly at me.  It knew I lost Usagi and it was all my fault. :(
And yet another one taunting me from behind  a glass window.  :(  If only I could find Usagi!!!  But no Usagi to be found any place.  When we went back to the train station I looked around but did not see him.  I didn't really expect to since it was days since I I had lost him but I still looked.  I half hoped someone had him in one of their little snack stores nestled in the middle of all the kinder chocolates.
Here is a bunny family at the Cologne train station.  This family of bunnies was also responsible for breaking my camera.  Well not really breaking it so much as making it lock up right after taking this picture (after resetting it and trying a different card, it still locked up).  Luckily my sister had a camera and we had our phones but it still angered me.  The curse of the bunny!!!  Time to send my camera for repair to Kodak.

These were chocolate bunnies that we spotted at the Chocolate Museum in Cologne.  I recommend it the chocolate AND the museum, it's worth it and lots of hotels/hostels have 2 for 1 discount coupons for it too. TRAVEL TIP:  I recommend heading to the area where you can order a special Lindt chocolate bar to your liking.  Take a little slip; pick the type of chocolate and mixes to go with it and turn in your paper to have the chocolate made.  Then tour the museum that way you don't end up waiting for the chocolate to be made.  It will be made while you are exploring the museum.  The website doesn't say anything about this but it is super crowded in there!  So waiting around can be a wee bit hot and stuffy.  So enjoy the museum while your concoction is made.  Also, the gift shop is worth checking out, it can hurt your pocket book so browse around for those little gems before loading up on common candies.

I think the hardest part was coming home to explain to Joey what happened to poor little Usagi.  It really wasn't anyone's fault.  He just jumped out of my backpack and we didn't notice until it was too late (5 minutes or so).  I think I will need to replace him soon because he was awesome not to mention he had bendable ears.  On my next journey I will have to think of a good way to secure my travel partner to me or my belongings.

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