06 April 2011

I guess people just wanna look good.

I was cruising around checking out random products online when I stumbled across this:

At first look I thought it was Robo-Biore.... but in reality it is to:

Push up that nose of yours to create the perfect profile with this handy Beauty Lift High Nose, a beauty gadget that applies gentle electric vibrations from the bottom, side and front. Just slip it on and turn on the switch on the front of the frame. While the supports hold your nose in place the buzzing will help shape your nose into just that little bit firmer and higher. All you need is three minutes once a day and you (and everyone else) will soon notice the difference!

I know sometimes changing looks can give people a better sense of self but this device seems like a con rather than an effort to help people achieve their beauty goals. My advice: get used to your nose OR save up enough to get a real nose job.

Even though I got teased about my nose as a kid, I am glad that I never wanted to change it. I like that it makes my face different and I have been told that my nose is quite likable. Whether it's a lie or not makes no difference. I like my face.

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