18 December 2013

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Literally, I am kinda grinchy and I really did steal Christmas.  Due to my profession, I have not worked a Christmas in, well, geez.... I never have worked a Christmas, ever.  I grew up in a JW household; now, now, no need to feel sorry for me.  I am really not too big on Christmas like those folks who want to keep Christ in Christmas.  I am also not big on the feeling of obligation that come with a commercialized Christmas.  I don't want to have to get a gift for someone because it is expected.  If I gift it's because I feel like it.  Also, when I ask not to be gifted, I end up gifted.  Which is so lame cause half the time it's oddball stuff that I would never use.  Point being is I would rather have Christmas to do as I wish with my paid time off... not attend obligatory events.

Anyways, this is the 2nd year in my adult life that I have bothered decorating for Christmas.  The boy is accustomed to this holiday.  So I got him some window clings for his room and set up a very tiny tinsel tree with lights in the corner of my living room.  Not too many presents under the tree but it's about quality not quantity right?  Some clothes, cause I guess kids tear through socks and underwear at a frightening rate and a Kindle Fire HDX.  For educational purposes of course and because I don't want him touching my tablet I use for work.  Okay, who am I kidding I got it because I am a selfish shit that doesn't want the kid to play with my electronics after he tried to use a pencil as a stylus on my tablet.

But let me tell you about the first time I had Christmas in my first apartment.  At the time it was my roommate TK's first Christmas not living at home.  She didn't live hundres of miles from home but I could tell she felt a wee bit homesick.  And she grew up celebrating Christmas, so our little apartment devoid of holiday cheer had her a little bit down.  Plus I remember her mom working a lot during the holidays.  I felt sad that she was missing home and during a trip to the grocery store I had another 'act before thinking' moments I am known so well for.

We were leaving a grocery store driving in a parking lot that had a few other shops.  Right outside of RiteAide I noticed several little trees, probably no bigger than like 2 feet tall.  As TK was approaching the exit of the shopping center I frantically shouted,"Stop the car!  Stop the car!!!"  I think I might have worried her cause I was shocked at my own demands for the car to stop.  Before I knew it I had popped out of the car, grabbed a tree, hopped back in and told her, "Drive! Drive! Drive!"  I am sure there was plenty of laughter over my Christmas tree theft on the way home.  I was sticky with sap, the car smelled of dirty tree and my heart race was going.  Not gonna lie, stealing a Christmas tree gave me a pretty strong adrenaline rush.

No matter, I stole Christmas so we could decorate the apartment on our very tight little budgets.  I think we ended up getting dollar store ornaments, purchased of course.  I didn't steal any more Christmas, just the tree.  Though what I did would have probably warranted my name added to the naughty list and getting coal but it's never about getting gifts for me.  I was happy that we had a little adventure, stories to share and laugh about later; plus it's the thought that counts right.  My heart was in the right place even though I did steal a Christmas tree and made TK my accomplice/get away driver.

So when I start feeling humbugy I try to remember stealing Christmas.  It wasn't about Christ, it wasn't about breaking the bank or trying to get as many gifts as possible.  It was about the warm, fuzzies that I got and hopefully TK got from us having our little ghetto stolen Christmas.  Well, here is to another holiday season.  Hope everyone has a nice safe holiday, don't let the stress of present buying get you down.  Quite frankly aside from the people under my roof, the presents I am handing out are all hand made this year.  And I did not make them out of feeling obligated either.  I am also spending my entire day at home, in my pajamas having a Korean Movie Marathon!  It's all I want for Christmas: Korean Movie Marathon and fresh baked cookies.

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