11 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: J is for Japan

So, I haven't been to Japan. But I want to go and I always thought I would go first.  Alas, it seems like the mister will go first.  He has family in Hokkaido, family he hasn't seen in some where about a decade?  So it seems my plans for Japan shall be put on hold for a tad bit longer.

Thought at some point I would like to spend some time in Hokkaido, possibly meeting the mister's family.  Possibly snowboarding?  There are other places of interest, as a tourist of course, that I would love to visit. 

As a future tourist are there any must see places I have to stop at?  Is there anything to see that is off the tourist beaten path?  Any suggestions are welcome... also, I think I am jealous and nervous.

So I kinda sorta failed on this post because it's not about where I have been but where I will go.  But still, it's related to travel.

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