04 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: D is for Deschutes

Borrowed without asking from their website.*

One of the things I enjoy doing when I travel is to explore local breweries.  Pop in, have a bite and a flight.  And that's just what my sister and I did while we had a long layover in Portland.  I have tried Deschutes' Mirror Pond Ale as well as their Black Butte Porter, time to try a little more!

Makes you thirsty don't it!
We both selected a different flight and shared with each other.   
From the top left to right on the first two rows is the Brewer's Choice:
*Hop Henge Experimental IPA - IBU's: 99; ABV: 9.3%
*Fresh Squeezed IPA - IBU's: 60; ABC: 6.4%
*Double Impact Belgian IPA - IBU's: 55; ABV: 6.1%
*Cinder Cone Red - IBU's: 55; ABV: 5.4%
*Bachelor Bitter - IBU's: 4.3; ABV: 5.0%
*Hoppy Pilsner - IBU's: 41; ABV: 5.0%
Followed by The Classics:
*Deschutes River Ale - IBU's: 28; ABV: 4.0%
*Mirror Pond Ale - IBU's: 40; ABV: 5.0%
*Chainbreaker White IPA - IBU's: 55; ABV: 5.6%
*Inversion IPA - IBU's: 80; ABV: 6.8%
*Black Butte Porter - IBU's: 30; ABV: 5.2%
*Nitro Obsidian Stout - IBU's: 55; ABV: 6.4%

The Deviled Eggs are to DIE for!
And shared some snacks while we enjoyed our beers.
Stout Deviled Eggs and Grilled Washington Pear and Goat Cheese Pizza; oh yeah it was good.  And the food paired quite well with some of our beers.
The service was neither good or bad but the beer and food was good.  I probably don't want to return to Portland unless it was specifically to visit breweries.  Portland did not give me a good vibe and I tend to trust my instincts about places.  I won't discount all of Oregon because I have had great times in Klamath Falls.

*I met an adorable little busker outside of the place and gave him all of our travel snacks since we were on a plane back home.  A bag of pretzels was among the snacks, the busker happened to have a tattoo of a pretzel on his hip.  It was meant to be, he was happy for the snacks and all felt right with the world.

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